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Another Run and Next Games to Play

Meant to also include something about the plans for the new computer in this post, but now that I started writing it I realized everything’s too unclear and parts of it still quite unlikely, plus that what’s going on with the exchange rates makes it quite a bad idea to jump on it next month as planned but at the same time an even worse one to wait even longer, so I wouldn’t even know what to say and all of it may easily end up being wrong anyway. As such, I’ll just stick to a few paragraphs about the third attempt to run and what I’m thinking of playing next on this computer.

Yes, that means I ran again, on Monday, and this time I apparently covered about 1.9 kilometers. It was still through the park, as I meant to go buy something after that and the track would have once again been out of the way, and it was still too fast, as it took me 11 minutes, which again works out to a speed of over 10 km/h, but maybe the speed will sort itself out as I’ll increase the distance, as it would have been difficult to maintain it for much longer. When will I try the track for the first time, I have no idea at this point, and if it’ll involve anything except simply walking in I’ll probably shy away anyway.

As for games, as I say on my playlist on MobyGames, I mean to start Quest for Infamy after the next patch will appear, as there appears there will be one to fix some more bugs, and also to restart King of Dragon Pass at some point this year. What I don’t say there is that King of Dragon Pass is a game I definitely intend to finish, by which I mean to win a long game, before getting the proper computer for myself next year and passing the one which may be bought this spring to dad, so there is some rush, but at the same time I’m not that keen to start it again while I’m still using this computer and then need to move the save, even though that shouldn’t pose the slightest problem in itself, so it’s lower down the list when it comes to what I may actually move on to right now.
In fact, at the moment there’s a higher chance to decide on one of the games listed there as likely to be played in 2015, namely Might and Magic I and Age of Wonders, than on King of Dragon Pass. Not that I’m particularly keen on those either, considering the difficulty and frustratingly outdated gameplay of the first one, which I only started initially out of curiosity, wondering what such an old RPG was like, and the fact that I did play part of the second way back, before abandoning it for some reason, as I say on my games played page.
The thing is that I find myself rather keen on Quest for Infamy at the moment, though I know I may get frustrated with it quite soon after starting, but I want to wait for that next patch, so if I’m to play something again soon I’ll need to decide on one of the others, and likely between trying to remember what I was doing and struggling to continue Might and Magic I and installing Age of Wonders to start it again. Admittedly, there are plenty of other options as well, even after eliminating anything that may require a dedicated video card, as I plan to use that temporary next computer without one, but finishing five games would make it a good year for me from that point of view and I already finished one, so going through these four may be a pretty tall order even without including anything else. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t get frustrated and decide to start, or perhaps continue, anything that at the moment I list as unlikely on that playlist.


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