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Fixed Run Times and Finally Putting Computer Stuff Away

Another week, another run, but again 28:22 for the 12 and a half laps. Even the two seconds are easily explained by using the first lane for both that first half a lap and the entire last lap instead of switching during them, like I did last week, so it can be said that my body found a time it’s particularly comfortable with over this distance, at least with the current temperatures and amount of sunlight. Not entirely sure about my time for the last lap, however, as I’m tempted to say about 1:45 but that’d likely require the lap before it to have taken me about 2:25, which I’m not sure it did, as the times for the last three laps are quite unclear in my mind.

Otherwise, yesterday evening I finally gathered up the pile of computer stuff strewn around my room since I bought this one, sorted everything as well as I could and put it all back under the bookcase, arranging what goes in the large box I have there better than before and taking all the various boxes in and out several times to find a good fit. Now there’s still the matter of my room being full of dust, as I haven’t cleaned since April, and I’m not even sure it was towards the end of April, but that will need to wait a while longer.
However, while I was trying to see how everything should fit in there, I also decided to look in an old portfolio I probably didn’t open since shortly after being thrown back here, as I obviously couldn’t recall what, if anything, was in it. Well, I found what seems to be a bookmark and a bracelet made by Andra and a number of pages torn from a small notebook, full of her handwriting, if nothing more than various things she was writing down for herself. Sure was a bittersweet moment, as I couldn’t recall having anything like that anymore.

But this is about it for now, as that post about the whole initial mess with the new computer doesn’t seem to magically write itself and I’m starting to doubt more and more than I’ll get around to it at all. Plus, I didn’t waste time, starting to read The Wise Man’s Fear the day after I finished The Name of the Wind, but barely touched it today, so I’m getting back to that now.


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