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Gaming, Translating and Running

Finished Traffic Department 2192 Saturday, being somewhat surprised when part three only had 19 missions instead of 20 and a particularly abrupt end, and since then I’ve been considering writing a review for it too, which was actually supposed to be this week’s first post. Not that there’s much to say, especially when it comes to gameplay, plus that it already has three reviews on MobyGames and I was saying I’ll review the games I finish if they have less than three there or if they have exactly three and I particularly like them, which wasn’t the case here. But, however forced and immature the writing is at times, there is something about that story, and about Velasquez in particular, that I think should be remembered, especially considering when the game was released.
Obviously, I didn’t quite manage to persuade myself of that enough to actually get to it so far and right now I’m not sure I’ll write it later either, but I have been submitting some more things on MobyGames over the past couple of days, I guess taking advantage of a somewhat more passable state of mind. Not sure how long that will last, but I guess I’ll keep doing it while it does, and maybe take some screenshots for Mice Men as well during that time, since I still didn’t.

Speaking of that somewhat more passable state of mind, it seems it also allowed me to volunteer when a group of independent journalists from here asked for help translating their stories to English, since they keep getting requests from abroad but only have a few translated so far. Then, after they rather quickly posted another message saying they’re overwhelmed with offers and will get back to people the following day, I just decided to risk it, picked an article, translated it and sent it to them. It could have been all for nothing, in case they already had it translated or it had been assigned to someone else, and the fact that I got no reply to either message the following day seemed to make that somewhat more likely, but after another day they did reply and said they didn’t have that one, so it was useful. And since I told them they know where to find me if they’ll need others done, I guess I rather signed up for something now and actually find myself wanting to be asked to do another these days, while I still feel up to it, no matter how much my head wanted to kill me after working on that first one. After all, things didn’t change for the better otherwise, so this more manageable state of mind won’t last long and if they’ll ask after it’s gone, it won’t be nice for anyone involved.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see, so now I’ll just end this with the usual update about running and say that this week marked another record on the route through the park, 20:43, so 20 seconds faster than last week. As for the intermediate times, I did settle on that spot I was considering for a new first one, reaching it in 4:46, while the next two were 10:02 and 16:01, respectively, making for new records on all but the second, where 10:01 remains the best time for quite a while now. Would really want to get back to the track and five kilometers, however, but I don’t know whether the work on it was finished or even whether the public will still be able to use it for free once that happens. Didn’t even try to have a look since then, though I could have easily done so a couple of weeks ago


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