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Supporting Runners and Getting Test Results and Some Treatment

Yes, I did what I said I meant to, making a sign and taking a spot right after the next to last bridge to show support for the Bucharest Marathon runners. Managed to get there just before the first ones were passing by the first time too, though it took me a while longer to place my sign on a pole so I won’t have to hold it myself. Then, with the exception of a few minutes when I crossed the road and wandered around the nearby park, I spent close to four hours there, getting a bit of a sunburn on the right side of my face. Unfortunately, with usually nobody else cheering there, I felt too awkward to do it myself until two people stopped for maybe ten or 15 minutes to do just that, and then a guy took up a spot right across the road from me after they left. By then, the first groups had passed even the second time around and more and more of those who continued to arrive were simply walking, but at least I did keep clapping for those I saw actually running.
In between, as the volunteers from the nearby refreshment point were cleaning up the area before the runners arrived the second time, I started helping, first by just bringing a few discarded bottles when a girl was gathering some in a box and then actually joining two older volunteers, so one was gathering the stuff in piles, the other was holding the bag and gathering the banana and orange peels and some of the gels, since she had gloves, and I was getting most bottles and cups. Felt increasingly uncomfortable about it when they started asking me questions and, after I refused to go take anything myself when they said nobody’ll mind if I’ll grab something from the refreshment point, they brought me things themselves, so I ended up with one large and one small bottle of water, several bananas and apples and a few oranges. Got the distinct feeling that they thought I was homeless or something. Either way, I refrained from helping again when trash appeared the second time around.

While I’m on the topic of running, this week’s run was yesterday and, though it was quite windy, I managed the third best time yet on the seven-kilometer route, 34:19. Intermediate times were 4:28, 5:10, 5:58, 4:35, 5:10, 5:58 and 3:00, making for lap times of 15:36 and 15:43. Yes, I managed the exact same times for the second and third sectors on both laps, and this also marks the very first time I managed to cover the second lap’s third sector in less than six minutes. I still have no idea how I managed those final sector times of 2:52 and 2:54 though, since I’m pushing as hard as I can to barely manage three minutes.

Otherwise, Monday I got the test results, with a few values marginally outside the normal range and three more quite clearly outside them, plus a positive for that bacterium that causes ulcer. Saw that one of those three results may also be normal though, and the doctor treated it as such when she saw it, and she didn’t seem concerned about the other two either, just telling me that there may be a very slight anemia, asking if I eat a balanced diet, and telling me to drink more water. However, that last result, that made her only tell me to drink more water, sure seemed concerning to me, as I read that a value above the 50 that’s the normal maximum already signifies a significant reduction of kidney function, and I had 56. And I rather expected kidney problems anyway, so uncertain about her dismissing it so easily, especially when she didn’t exactly strike me as paying much attention and I had to point out a few things to her myself.
One of the things I had to point out was the presence of that bacterium in my blood, and she was very surprised by this since she said it should be at a quite high concentration for this test to reveal it while the stool sample should even reveal low concentrations, and that came back negative, which was why she hadn’t even really looked at this new one. Either way, now I’m taking two kinds of antibiotics, one of them every six hours, plus something to help heal my stomach and some probiotics, which I asked for, remembering the times when I had certain issues even without taking antibiotics. And she also gave me something with two plant extracts and vitamin D for a possible slight urinary tract infection, saying something in the tests pointed to something of the sort, but I rather doubt that’s the case and, either way, I said I’ll take that after I’m done with all of this.


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