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Tooth Work and Finishing Torchlight

There would be more to say, but I’m also thinking of doing something else tomorrow and, since I’m quite obviously not going to manage to write a non-personal post this week, I’ll leave those parts for what will almost certainly be this week’s second personal post, which I just hope won’t become a Sunday update. So now I’m sticking to a quick one just mentioning the two things in the title, even if the tooth work isn’t actually finished, so I’ll only finally know how that actually turned out next week.

Went to the dentist both Monday and today, Monday to have that reconstructed tooth filed down, have the mold taken for the crown and have a temporary one put in, and today to have the metal crown tested and I guess another mold taken, before having the ceramic put on as well. Not that I had much of a clue what was happening or what will happen, and of course I didn’t ask or say anything really, and dad didn’t either, but what I heard and the price they told him makes it quite clear to me that the ceramic will be only partial, which I guess means I’ll end up with exposed metal in my mouth, which is what I specifically wanted to avoid.
What’s even stranger is that, while the first doctor advised doing it like this from the beginning, saying it’s not worth spending more on it though she didn’t at the time know it has other problems and may not last anyway, and trying to reassure me when I expressed my concerns about the exposed metal, this one who ended up actually doing the work didn’t even mention this cheaper option while she was explaining what was available after the pierced root will be handled one way or another, and dismissed the regular metal alloy as outdated and potentially risky, the cheapest option on her list being the one with a full ceramic coating. And then I heard the assistant mention requesting a partial one and she said that’s fine, and the price they told dad definitely reflects it.
I guess I’ll see on Wednesday, when the next appointment is, but I’m already very unhappy and depressed about the whole thing and can’t even actually say anything. Just can’t, so just writing here, and wondering how badly I’ll crash and exactly what form the crash will take after it’ll all be done. And that’s not even considering the other potential problems.

The other thing that happened today is that I finished Torchlight, so it took me a total of 12 days since installing it. Of course, by “finished” I mean I killed Ordrak, since the Shadow Vault that opens once you do that is infinite and I don’t care to go through even one level of it. Admittedly, the fact that it’s just a stupid thing that you just go through mindlessly meant I could finish it at this time, and so quickly too, so I can say I finished a game this year already, but it was starting to overstay its welcome about halfway through. It’s like somebody took something like one location from a poor free-to-play MMO and thought it’d make a good single-player game in itself.
Played it on normal difficulty. Didn’t buy any equipment except I believe a necklace offering +2% experience, since I was going for as much experience bonus as possible, preferring that at the expense of everything else. Didn’t enchant anything except at the free altars and didn’t fit anything in sockets at all, only hoarding ember for what proved to be no reason at all. Saved images with the character and information at the end.
As for the four deaths, they’re annoying because they were stupid. First two were by traps on the last map received as a reward from the ember quest guy, first spikes when enemies blocked the way forward and instead of either dashing into the room through them or even heading back through the spiked path to try again, I went back and forth and for some reason just stood on trapped tiles until the spikes shot up and killed me, and then opened a chest in the next room after clearing it without being hasted and the trap had those flaming arrows or whatever they are and that got me again. The other two were at the start and end of the area opened for the portal guy’s last side quest, when I basically just stood there, mind probably being too unplugged, as I once only ran in front of a dark zealot and basically didn’t do anything else until she got me, and the other time I literally stopped and waited for a poison attack from another to hit me, no idea why.


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