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Real Winter Again and People Coming Over

I’ll start with last night, when one side of the temporary crown put back on my tooth Thursday broke off. I believe a tiny corner of it had broken off the night before as well, but I wasn’t sure then. Not that it’s unexpected, since I believe it first broke when the dentist put it back on Thursday, as I heard a crack and she had a little annoyed reaction and pulled it back out to work on it a little before putting it back in again, after which that side felt different than it had before. So I guess she tried to glue it back together, or simply make the parts stick to the tooth even if they’re no longer a single piece. But I’m guessing it’s not much of a problem right now, even if there was nobody there to ask now that it’s the weekend.

Still yesterday, but in the afternoon, I actually ran again. Was the one day when it was possible, sunny, basically no wind and reported highs only a couple of degrees below freezing among all the other days with even quite a lot of wind and much lower highs. Of course, there was still the matter of the snow, but the path around the lake was cleared quite well, with just a thin layer left, which was actually a good thing, as removing it all would have made a thin layer of ice likely to quickly form and be exposed, leading to a slippery path. As it was, it was fine, though the traction definitely was different, perhaps slightly more so because I used my old shoes, which have been pretty much falling apart for quite some time, as I didn’t want to possibly damage my running shoes. Had to learn how to step as I went along, slipping just a little, sticking just a little, making it harder, but I only really slipped once, when avoiding some other people, and managed not to fall even then. Plenty of people though, and a lot of children, plenty sliding down to the path, so there were places where you had to be careful to avoid them colliding with you.
The time was 38:25, with sector times of 5:04, 5:49, 6:41, 5:02, 5:45, 6:38 and 3:26, making for lap times of 17:34 and 17:25. Yes, that’s the slowest time yet on this route with the exception of the first roughly timed one and my ideal target was 10% slower than the record, so 37:10, but 38:30 is 10% slower than my regular target of 35:00, so I managed to stay within that time and can be quite pleased with it. I mean, while I was wondering whether to even attempt it, I was setting myself a conservative, worst-case target of 25% above the record, so 42:15, and as I started I was thinking I’ll do my best to at least stay under 40 minutes. But the weather was so nice, even feeling warmer than the previous few runs when the reported temperature was 5°C to 7°C, as then there were also some clouds and a bit of wind, so there were no problems from that point of view, I didn’t need to have my jacket on, forgot my gloves yet my hands didn’t freeze, and while climbing up that slope at the end with children sliding down it and then also going around the pavilion, where the snow hadn’t been cleared and I only had the footprints of others to help me make my way through, I managed. Only problem was something I noticed when I got back and saw that the corner of a toenail had dug into the toe next to it and there was plenty of blood, and that toe has actually been bothering me a fair bit since then.

And yes, that means we’ve finally been getting real winter around here, in the sense of plenty of snow and temperatures well below freezing, so weather that should be normal for probably two of the three months of calendar winter, and which used to be normal when I was little, but which has since become unusual, some past “winters” even completely lacking such periods. Of course, this leads to many people complaining about many things and many of them doing little else, as opposed to, say, getting to work to clear sidewalks and side roads and help those who have serious problems due to health reasons, but I definitely like it and consider the problems caused by it as entirely normal and something to accept and allow for during this time of year, the real problem being when winter isn’t really winter. Plus, it’s so pretty…

One problem I can’t quite deal with, on the other hand, is the fact that dad seems to now be using this place for his theater troupe’s rehearsals. Which is not to say that I have a problem with him getting involved in that, in fact quite the contrary, this being a very rare case of me actually appreciating something he does, since theater is something he’s been wanting to do pretty much all his life but, as far as I know, hadn’t since he was in college or doing military service or something like that. He did a little acting several years ago, a few advertisements and small episodic parts in, if I remember right, two television series, but theater was what he always wanted and it’s nice that he finally managed to get into this project and even end up leading one of the groups, especially since it really is something done out of passion and for its own sake, not for other benefits, of which, from what I know, there are none. It’s why people should be doing whatever it is they’re doing, and strikes me as even more interesting and beneficial when it’s someone usually reporting on and discussing economic and financial matters and with views shaped by that.
However, as I said, he recently started bringing the others here to rehearse in the living room. It happened when I went to pick up the new keyboard, LED fixture and light, and it was the reason why I went to all those different places on the same day, wanting to not be here while they were. Then it happened again last week, when I didn’t leave again, and then twice this week, Tuesday and Thursday. Should have been three times, but the plan for Wednesday got canceled as some said they couldn’t get here due to the weather. And now they didn’t even stick to the schedule, as Tuesday he said they should be leaving at 7:30 PM, I went out before they got here and did what I could to pretty much waste time while supposedly shopping, only getting a few things and otherwise wandering around a hypermarket and the surrounding stores to stay out as long as I could, got back at 8 PM and they were still here, and it was some time until they left.
Yes, they’re supposed to stay in the living room and the door is closed, but I’m very uncomfortable with people around either way it is, and there are plenty of them, he was saying up to about ten, and that makes for quite a number of trips to the bathroom, as I noticed when I was here, both last week and Thursday. And there are other things related to this that I may complain about as well, but this is the main one, that people, lots of people, now seem to keep coming over and I feel trapped and drained and panic because of it and need to make any schedule around that and apparently can’t even do that because they don’t even stick to the one he gives me, and even that maybe with barely even a day’s notice. And now, when I actually sort of like going out due to this weather, it may be marginally more manageable, but if it keeps happening it’ll only get worse and I just can’t deal with it, all right?


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