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Trump and the War Ahead

For those who had so far somehow managed to delude themselves that maybe it won’t really happen after all and those naive enough to still hold some hope that maybe it won’t be that bad, today must have marked quite a “well, shit, they weren’t kidding” moment. I mean, I’d think that even for the worst of them, the speech should have been more than enough to chase away any remaining traces of those fantasies, right?
Wouldn’t know what to link to at the moment and, to be honest, didn’t even read much in terms of opinions and analyses today, since nothing actually changed for those who weren’t deluding themselves so far. Still, did get one long, in-depth piece on my feed and I guess I’m going to share it here too, since it adds plenty of details and specifics and deals with the European Union, even if it’s heavily and, considering the source, understandably focused on Germany. One issue I have with that article is that it stresses the threat Trump is to the current economic model not necessarily because what he pushes for is worse, but because it’d be a good thing to preserve the current model in itself, which is most definitely not the case. The problem there is that, if some current European leaders strive to preserve the bad and Trump and others emboldened by him push for worse, those striving to change things for the better will have uphill battles to fight on even more fronts and against opponents with different strengths and weaknesses.
But that’s the case in pretty much every aspect. Trump’s victory may be the most notable, but it’s far, far from the only terrible sign of things to come, far from the only major defeat suffered by… Not sure what term to use actually. Progressives? Those on the right side of history? Either way, at a time when radical changes are immediately and desperately needed, quite a number of major battles have been thoroughly lost recently, not even leaving us with those clearly lesser evils which some had at least accumulated some experience in dealing with, which sadly tended to be the realistic alternatives. As for any victories, they were anything but decisive and in no way sufficient in terms of the advances required to reach any worthwhile goals.
So we need to get ready for difficult years ahead, but we definitely can’t give up. Quite the contrary; we need all hands on deck. We need to gear up, toughen up and fight even harder. And yes, we need to truly fight. We need to recognize that this is a war and we just lost some major battles without really winning any, not in the sense of managing to implement anything anywhere near the radical changes that are absolutely necessary, so in order to avoid a complete defeat we now need to use whatever means necessary to thoroughly destroy the other side. Or more exactly the other sides, as we’re talking of the establishment, this sort of anti-establishment that’s even worse and various other groups and ideologies that would steer the world in perhaps different but definitely still wrong directions.


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