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Ankle, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic and Uptime Over Ten Weeks

Been meaning to add a personal post here since Wednesday evening, after this week’s run and the uptime getting over 70 days, but then left it for Thursday, then for yesterday, then pushed a bit more then in order to finish reading Enemy of Man that evening and be able to add the quick review for it as this week’s first post in order to delay this for one more day. But now I’m out of options, because on top of the usual idea of avoiding a Sunday update, I’ll be going to the protest tomorrow evening again of course, so no way I’ll be writing anything then.

Since I mentioned tomorrow’s protest, let’s take things in order and start with last Sunday’s, when I also went despite the rain and needing to walk there again, since the metro card had expired and dad hadn’t bought another yet. Left later than usual, around 7 PM, but there were posts to at least be there between 8 PM and 9:30 PM, so for less time but show we still have our eyes on them despite the conditions, and that’s what I aimed for, more or less, managing to get there at 8:10 PM. Was soaked, but more or less wandered around the crowd and actually, for the first time since the January 29 march, I took pictures. Yes, I took my camera out in the cold pouring rain, but it did its job, so I took those pictures, grabbed a hot tea after 9 PM from those offering it, and a bit after 9:30 PM I slowly made my way away, first going to the metro station to have a roof over my head while taking the batteries out of the camera, then walking for 15 minutes or so to the bus stop.
Of course, I could have walked back the same way I walked there, and I was already soaking wet, but I do still have a few trips on that bus card, so chose to go that route… Only to turn the corner and see the bus I needed just leave the station, leaving me to wonder whether I should wait for the next one or take the other one, which has the same route until two stops away from where I’d be getting off the right one. And, considering what happened last time, when I waited for 35 minutes and no other bus of that number came, I picked the latter option, got off where the route stops being common… And barely a minute later saw another bus of the right kind go past me, so waiting just a little longer would have meant not needing to walk two more stops on the way back.

Another problem was that I apparently did something to my right ankle that evening, though it is possible that it’s just a matter of the boots pressing against it in some wrong way, since it wasn’t exactly hurting while walking otherwise. But I had to go get myself bread Monday, so on went the boots again and then it was quite a struggle. The melting snow definitely didn’t help, but the real issue was that I first, after taking out the recyclables as well, walked to one hypermarket, saw that they didn’t seem to have the kind of bread I wanted even though it was advertised as being on special offer, then walked to another location, where I saw it wasn’t even listed, then walked back to the first one. And when going to that second location I also tried to take a shortcut and ended up in fact making myself walk up to a third more. So, in total, Google Maps said I walked some 9.5 kilometers on streets, plus the distance covered in the stores, and in the malls they’re in.
There was a point during the walk when the ankle seemed to be getting a bit better, but after leaving that second location it really wanted to remind me that I was pushing when I shouldn’t and it kept getting worse. Still, eventually managed to get myself to ask after I got back to the first location and was told that the kind of bread I wanted was actually there, but it sure didn’t look like it, nor does it taste or feel like it. Still, I got myself bread for ten days, some cabbage that should last me until perhaps the middle of next week, and then some yogurt as well which, added to what I already had, should last until at least March 10, all discounted and coming to a total of 9.99 RON when I had 10 and a bit, and didn’t particularly care to spend that loose change as well. The ankle really didn’t like the added weight on the way back though, feeling like something was going to give before I reached the building, but it didn’t and it’s been well enough since, though there are still some situations in which it hurts a bit.

Monday evening I also started that ebook I picked up for free at some point last year, finishing it yesterday. And Tuesday I installed Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, which led to a scary moment when it kept trying to do things I really don’t know why it needs to do and Comodo kept asking me about it, leading to a conflict that caused my computer to freeze, the screen being black and nothing responding. With an uptime of over 69 days at that moment, so less than a day under ten full weeks, I had one more reason not to want to press the reset button, and also did remember a similar freeze caused by King of Dragon Pass, when I realized Comodo’s HIPS was the reason, so I knew each prompt should clear away, assuming “block” as the answer, after two minutes, and waited… And after some 15 minutes, the game apparently finally gave up, shut down, and the system recovered. After which I saw what the prompts had been about, granted it permissions for protected registry entries and accessing the memory of other applications, though I must again state it really shouldn’t need to go there, and then it worked.
Only actually started playing a bit, and by that I mean the first tutorial scenario despite obviously not needing to go through it at this point, after eating that night though, so I’ll say I started playing it on Wednesday. There is another issue, however, namely the fact that the graphics stutter badly and switching to software mode only fixes the scrolling text at the start of scenarios, once you start actually playing it’s the same. The game isn’t slower though, so it seems to be a matter of only displaying one frame out of quite a number, so it bothers but still allows playing well enough, being a TBS. Read that it may be caused by not having rebooted the computer in a long time, which is definitely my case, but I’m not going to reboot now to test it if I don’t absolutely have to for other reasons.

So let me move to Wednesday, when I ran another ten kilometers, also using my running shoes again, for the first time in quite a while. Was worried about my ankle, still not quite certain even as I was getting ready to leave, and it did bother me a little for a while, but while during the first lap I was thinking I may be risking too much by pushing it, towards the end of the second it tended to stop bothering me and didn’t get worse again later. So the time was 51:42, which is the third fastest on this distance and exactly three minutes faster than last week, in good part thanks to the pretty good conditions and mostly dry path. There was some wind and quite a number of people, but it sure was better than cold and muck and either melting or frozen snow. Sector times were 4:48, 5:25, 6:26, 4:59, 5:26, 6:16, 5:00, 5:24, 6:07 and 1:51, making for lap times of 16:39, 16:41 and 16:31.
Was rather weird before actually getting to run though, since I “managed” to forget my stopwatch and only realized it as I was about to cross the road to get to the park entrance and meant to pull my sleeves over my hands, at which point I noticed that nothing was holding my right one. So I went back for it, but then, since I hadn’t locked the door after coming in and therefore didn’t need to unlock it when going back out, I couldn’t remember whether I had locked it after leaving and was too worried to just keep going. So after just crossing the road here in front of the building, I crossed it back to check, noticing that I had locked it after all, and only then could finally make my way to the park again and actually start the run.

One last thing to say would be that I did somehow get the courage to finally contact that used books store I had found, which advertised purchasing books from people, including coming to their home to evaluate and then pick up, also listing e-mail as contact information and having released information stating that they had a very good 2016. Based on that, I had reason to hope they’ll agree to take these books that are still in these boxes in my room and pay a reasonable amount for those in good condition, but that didn’t get anywhere so far.
Since they also mention donations on that page, in my initial message I said I’d be very willing to donate all but a few of these books, but only to an institution which will then also make them available for free, so that’s only an option if they can intermediate such a donation and make it verifiable, yet it seems they just read that there was something about a donation there and wrote back a thrilled reply thanking me for the donation and saying to call them to pick up the books. When I told them to read my initial message again, and then also repeated my point and that it’d be wrong to donate to someone who’ll then try to sell the donation for profit, they were far less enthusiastic, offered a supposedly maximum price for the few books I particularly mean to sell out of this pile that’s barely half of the minimum I’d be willing to accept, and then didn’t reply again so far after I said that’s too little for those but I’m still waiting for an offer for the rest, or for them to send back a list of those they may be interested in out of the rest. But I sent that message Thursday evening and it’s a long list for them to go through, so I’ll give them until next week, then start looking for places to donate most of these to again if I won’t get an offer from them, or at least not a decent one.


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