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Not Finishing Ember in Time for the Review to Be the Week’s Second Post

I’m quite sure I’m very close to finishing Ember, but I won’t manage it today, or even tonight after eating, since I doubt I’ll even get back to it before tomorrow. Meant to stay away from it completely today and instead write a longer post, to catch up on what I didn’t mention so far, since it was quite clear that even if I would finish it today I won’t be writing the review tomorrow, so I’ll need something else as the second post anyway and I’ll continue to try avoiding “Sunday updates” whenever I can. But when it seems I’m so close, it was even harder than usual to struggle to write something, so I got as far as I could and now I’m just throwing a very quick post here, just to say it’s the week’s second one.

The problem is that I’m getting increasingly worried about my left eye, and yesterday I guess I got scared enough to tell dad about it and he said he’ll schedule me to have my eyes checked out, and have his own checked out as well while we’re there, since he kept putting it off as well. Seem to remember the same thing happening back in 2007, in fact. And I was very worried then as well. And I really can’t remember whether the issues I’m seeing now just appeared some months ago and got worse now, which would really be a sign of something awful going on, or I just got more worried and am noticing them more now, or I first got worried then and even more so now, but they’ve been around for even longer and therefore are likely to not be that much of a problem. If that old post’s right though, it seems the issue that was spotted back in 2007 was in my right eye and the problem is now with the left, so not even one of the issues can be explained that way.

While I’m here, I’ll also mention that yesterday I went back to that pharmacy and actually found those pills I had decided on when I set my mind on getting something that should help my joints, considering that the pain in my left knee is definitely not going away and other joints may be starting to cause trouble as well, likely due to the running. Should have probably forgotten about that and worried more about my eyes, but first went there the day before and looked all over for what I had chosen, but didn’t find them and didn’t ask anyone. The thing is that I know that pharmacy has things you can just pick up yourself arranged according to manufacturer and I had checked the few other things they have from the same manufacturer, but I forgot what they were while there and only realized I had spotted some of those other things after looking again when I got back, so when I went back there yesterday I knew what to look for and, while still after searching pretty much the entire area where they could have possibly been, found a few boxes of these pills for the joints left at the back of a bottom shelf, invisible in themselves unless you bent close to the floor, but next to larger quantities of a couple of other kinds, which filled their section of the shelf and were therefore visible.

And since I mentioned July 19 already, in its early hours, when I came back to the computer after eating, I thought my mouse double clicked twice and also failed to click twice. But there are other explanations for all of those situations, which I actually tested to confirm that they will cause the behaviors I had noticed, and a few hundred test clicks over the course of the day didn’t reveal any issues, so at the moment I’m trying to calm down about it. Not that it’d be unexpected to have such an issue appear again, especially since I’m getting worried about things and something often goes wrong with my computer as well when I get messed up for other reasons, plus that it is summer, even though these days it’s cooler and raining again. But at the moment I’ll just hope it’s not happening, and that it really will last much longer than the XTD before developing this problem.

And still on July 19, went to the pharmacy on my way to the farmers’ market, where I went for cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions, just managing to fit the whole trip in between the moment when the clouds cleared after it had rained and the one when it started raining again, a few drops starting to fall as I was coming back and serious rain starting shortly after I walked through the door, with quite a wall of water coming down for a little while not long after that. And the tomatoes I got weren’t quite that cheap anymore and they were probably a little worse than those very cheap ones I was looking for, and which I didn’t find at that price anymore. I guess I could have found better ones at the same price as the ones I got, possibly even from the same people I bought those very cheap ones from before, and saw some that looked very good at just a bit more, but I bought them from some old woman and they seem usable anyway, so it’s fine… Even though dad bought more twice since, so now we have quite a pile of them and quite a few of them need to be used quickly…
Back to what happened at the market, I no longer found the person with the cheap good cucumbers that I was looking for, but found someone else that had a pile at that same price and decided to get some from there… And ended up being given all of them at what worked out as being just under half the listed price, and they’re good enough too. Had put some in a bag and asked the person there to weigh them, since the scale wasn’t in reach, seeing what I seem to remember as 1.23 kg, though it could have been somewhat more than that, and picking the smallest one that was left and telling her to add it there to get to about one and a third kilograms, so the price won’t involve coins. But at that point she just put all those she had left in my bag and told me that price, not weighing again, and confirming it after I asked whether she was sure of it, and when I got back I saw that they weighed 2.733 kg. As for the green onions, didn’t see anybody selling those I meant to get, but the price was listed, so I just left the right amount of money there, though I heard a person selling around the corner tell another customer that those were hers as well, so I took my time getting them in my bag and she eventually looked over, at which point I just told her I had left the money there and she said that was fine, but then since she was coming over anyway she said I could just hand them to her, which I did.


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