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Fig Trees Being Cleared, Finished Ember, Chipped Tooth Crown, Catching Up

Currently watching with anger as an old woman is clearing out the fig trees planted here a few years ago by a guy I understand is the father of the one living below us. Seems like the guy living here just noticed her now and started yelling at her, went out to argue too, but it’s too late for most of the trees. She justified her actions by the fact that she saw somebody hide a bag among those trees and come back for it later, and that she found some pieces of iron supposedly hidden there, and she doesn’t want such hiding places in front of her window, which actually is at a higher floor and not even right above us here, so not where these trees were. Even if the authorities would be called by this guy, as he’s threatening to do, at most they’ll fine her, and even that’s questionable, but nobody’ll restore those trees now…

But this post was meant to let me finally catch up, allowing this week’s second one to be the review for Ember, which I finished Sunday. Not that I’m sure I’ll manage to write that by the end of the week, of course, but I intend to try. Friday’s probably not an option though, since I’ll be quite a mess after needing to wake up early and go to the dentist, as last night while I was eating it seems that the crown put in a year and a half ago cracked and Friday morning was apparently the only free slot they had for an appointment now. It’s odd though, since I heard, and felt, something crack and managed to pull an almost invisibly thin piece of something white and brittle from there as I was eating last night, but it came from the back of the tooth, between it and the next one, which isn’t exactly a place you’d expect to have damage… Which probably also explains why the ceramic layer was so thin. Now I sure hope the crown itself is under warranty and what they gave none for was just the other part of the work, due to that pierced root, but even so there’s the question of how they’ll fix it, since if they’ll remove the crown it will likely cause issues with that tooth and increase the risk of something going wrong in the ways I was made aware of back then, so I’ll want to avoid that in any way possible.

Since I mentioned yesterday, the weather was very good for running then, hardly any wind, cooler, cloudy but not raining… But the forecast mentioned storms, so I couldn’t know it won’t even rain all day and didn’t dare to go when I woke up, and then I ate a bit more too and didn’t want to go after eating again, so I just went out in the evening to get a couple of things from Kaufland, also dropping off the recyclables on the way and having a quick look through Carrefour since it’s also there. Was worried I’ll be caught by a storm on the way back even then, since the time of the likely storm kept being pushed back but the warnings otherwise remained, but I barely felt a few little drops, and even those I think were more on the way there than on the way back.
But today I didn’t trust the forecast again, so while it still mentioned a risk of storms for most of the day, with the sites I check listing it as reaching or exceeding 50% from 1 PM last night and from 3 PM this morning, I woke up pretty early and went to run. Actually meant to get up when I woke up the second time, at 8:50 AM, but I noticed that the reason for waking up that time wasn’t that I really needed to pee again and soon enough heard dad in the kitchen, which was probably why I woke up in the first place, and since I didn’t want to bump into him when it was possible that he’ll mention doctors I went back to sleep and only got up when I woke up the third time, a few minutes after 10 AM. That was still quite fine, and I meant to go out at 11:30 AM, but after checking those sites again and noticing that 1 PM had changed to 3 PM I didn’t rush anymore and eventually only left around 11:55 AM… Without bandaging my toes again, but nothing else seemed wrong with the nails when I checked after I got back.
Ran 16 kilometers again, just meaning to stay under 1:20, or at most, if possible, just under that 1:19:29 that was until now the second fastest time over that distance. And even though I had to push a bit on the last lap, I managed that, the time being 1:19:26, with sector times of 4:27, 5:13, 6:03, 4:35, 5:08, 6:01, maybe around 4:33, maybe around 5:15, 6:06, 4:38, 5:22, 6:10, 4:37, 5:18 and 6:00, making for lap times of 15:43, 15:44, 15:54, 16:10 and 15:55. Sadly didn’t manage to stay under 16 minutes on all laps, missing that target on lap four, when the gusts of wind were also worse, and I also somehow forgot to check the time at the end of sector one of lap three, only looking quite some time later and not even thinking to see exactly where I was when I did so. If I would have at least done that, I could have used the next two laps to make a pretty fair estimate, but as it was I just know that the first two sectors were covered in 9:48. It’s likely that it was something between 4:30 and 4:35 though, but that range could get extended to something between 4:25 and 4:40, with the corresponding changes in the sector two time.

And now I have some more catching up to do, and I’ll start with what I did after running on July 11, when my brain didn’t quite seem to be working, likely after all that effort with next to no preparation. When I took the recyclables out, on the way to Carrefour and Kaufland, I became one of those people who are the reason why everything is picked up at once and then sorted again later, because I accidentally put the plastics in the paper bin as well. Then I realized I had just taken one bag and it’ll be hard to carry everything like that. Then I got a couple of things from Carrefour but forgot to wait for the receipt, just taking my change and walking away. Realized it a few moments later and went back to ask the cashier if I had forgotten it, but she said yes but that she had thrown it away, so I left it like that even though the whole point was to get a receipt in order to have another entry in their contest, since it was the last day. Then I had to turn around again after having walked away without retrieving the plastic bags and wrappings which I had placed in one of those cabinets at Carrefour, since there’s a place to dispose of such things at Kaufland. Then after getting some things from Kaufland I again spotted a 0.10 RON coin in the queue next to the one I was in, but there were several 0.01 RON ones past the checkout there too, yet when I looked again after stopping to arrange things in my bag I didn’t see any of them anymore, even though I was sure I had even stopped just on one.
Did get more careful after that though, checking everything to make sure I wasn’t messing up even more, worried that I may leave products behind or lose money. Also found one 0.10 RON coin on my way out from Kaufland, and then went back to Carrefour to grab one more thing, out of those that were discounted due to expiring soon, to have a receipt from there after all. Not that I’m sure it was even entered into the raffle, since that part didn’t load at all, and I didn’t have a good enough score in the game to win something directly. But it was rather funny when a family came to get their stuff from one of those cabinets at Carrefour while I was wondering whether I could leave mine in one without locking it, since I didn’t have any of the required 0.50 RON coins, and the guy kept farting, wondering out loud what was causing it before apologizing after noticing that I was down there and laughing. The security guard came to me after they left, noticing I was struggling with the cabinet door and thinking he was being very helpful by explaining that I needed to put a coin in there, then staring for a moment and walking away quickly when I showed him the 0.10 RON coins I had and asked whether he could exchange five for one 0.50 RON one. Had tried to use the machine at Kaufland that’s supposed to exchange 1 RON bills to 0.50 RON coins, which are needed for the carts there as well, but it didn’t work, apparently saying that it was empty.
After all of that, and after carrying some eight kg back in that single bag, switching hands plenty of times, I spent the evening and night stuffing myself, starting with plenty of watermelon and a big bag of corn puffs during the match. Then I made some food and stuffed myself even more, and then I finally took a shower, very late.

On July 13 I meant to just go to the farmers’ market, but then decided to also go to Auchan first. Had to dig to find a box of yogurt not expiring on the 19th, so I was trying to arrange the boxes more or less as they had been when somebody came to ask me where the goat milk was, realizing with some surprise that I didn’t work there after staring at me for a long moment when I asked how should I know. In fact I thought I did know, the place marked for goat milk products being right behind me, but wasn’t entirely sure at the time and didn’t bother to turn around to check, waiting for him to realize that my t-shirt was white and green, not red and with the store logo and that other text on the back. Either way, it’s a good thing I went to the free bus stop a bit early after getting everything, since the bus came two minutes early.
After dropping off the stuff from Auchan, I went to the farmers’ market. Got two kinds of cheap cucumbers, the cheapest ones indeed being worse but the other ones actually being surprisingly good. Also got two kinds of cheap tomatoes, but by then I was feeling quite drained by being among people and ended up rather randomly getting some of the less cheap kind from someone first and those were worse than the cheapest ones I got later. In between, was looking at plums and avoiding those where I couldn’t put them on the scale myself, which included those with the cheapest ones, but a man that had them listed at what seemed largely the regular price, just a bit above the cheapest, said when I passed by him one more time that he’ll sell at that cheapest price too, and that I could pick myself and discard whatever I didn’t like, which is of course a requirement if I’m to get anything. So I started putting some in a bag, but then he said that price was for two kg, mentioning again that I still had quite some way to go when I put what I had picked until then on the scale the first two times. But otherwise he let me pick, just commenting at one point that if I’d have picked them myself I’d have had to be fast, but as it was I just got to select the better ones out of those already picked, so I got two kg after all, and I still have plenty of them, checking each day to eat those that are more likely to spoil first. Either way, also got two ears of corn to boil, the first ones this season, and then got back.
After that I sort of watched the tennis match, getting more interested as that final set stretched on, and quickly wrote that post after it was over, worried that these moments will become history due to all those fucked up requests to introduce final set tie-breaks everywhere when those who want that have just about the whole rest of the season while those who still want to see tennis as an endurance sport only have a few tournaments left. Couldn’t shower that night, as there was no hot water due to a problem affecting a large part of the city, but there was the other match as well and I wouldn’t have found the time to do so anyway.

Going back to July 9, I got woken up before 10 AM by drilling and it was after 12:35 PM when I got back in bed, and clearly past 1 PM when I fell asleep again. Then at 2:12 PM the delivery guy called and woke me up again, to deliver the replacement for the new camera. As I had a quick look, I didn’t notice any issues as clear as what the first one had, and in fact I noticed one more white area which I had missed before in the pictures taken by that one, but eventually I did spot two white pixels in the pictures this one is taking too. The affected area is therefore smaller, and in fact more clearly seen in full resolution images, being harder to notice in lower resolution unless you know what to look for, but those pixels are also far more central, so I asked dad what to do, giving him the camera to have a look as well, but he pretty much ignored it. Recently he said he’ll take it to take some pictures when he went somewhere and he still hadn’t had a look otherwise, and just wanted me to change back any settings I may have made so he’ll just press the button, not having to care about anything else. And he didn’t actually use it even then, or at least that’s what he said when he got back.
Otherwise, that program update for Emsisoft Anti-Malware came that day, and despite being warned of it the previous night by the support guy it still took me off guard due to when it came. Didn’t make another backup, instead at first starting an update and stopping it in order to check what files were being downloaded, then updating again to let it finish, but after letting it update at 5:45 PM I thought it was getting pretty late and the update may not come that day after all, so when I let it update one more time, at 6:05 PM, to make sure that update had worked right, I didn’t really pay attention and realized quite late that it was taking too long to download. So I got the message asking for a reboot without having a new backup, but so far I’m not noticing issues, and in fact it seems to use less memory. The problems which had appeared earlier this year still aren’t fixed though, and the changes are obviously still in the wrong direction, but that’s a given.

And the last day I need to cover in this post is July 10, when I went to Auchan for cat food and several other things. Also took all the plastic bottles and one can which had gathered, but the can was the kind the recycling machine doesn’t accept, so I just put the bottles in, managing to make it accept all of them, though I needed to try multiple times for several of them and a message that one was refused showed up even though it was of a kind that was easily accepted otherwise and it actually took it in, so I guess it just didn’t give me the 0.05 RON for that one for some reason. Ended up with three tickets, since at first it timed out as I was getting to the second bag, as I had just somehow managed to stuff everything in the two bags that were still around, the large one that I tend to use for this more recently not being here then, and then I stopped it myself before the last two bottles, since I had tried to get it to accept them a few times already and didn’t want to get an error, but then they pretty much just worked when I tried yet again.
The free bus that took me there, referring to the vehicle itself, seemed new though, and it had luggage space above as well. The problem was that it wasn’t taller, so if I sat up straight in the chair, the bottom of that space was some ten centimeters above my head, and when I climbed in, carrying those large bags and not used to have something at that height to worry about, I hit my head against it as I was getting to a seat in the back. The ride was also particularly rough, all the bumps in the road being felt very clearly, some pretty much throwing me out of the seat and at one point making me split my legs very quickly before landing again, in order to avoid landing on my balls.


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