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1 RON Away from a New Second Best for Ten Kilometers

With Windows updates being released today, I’ll be trying to install them tomorrow and then I’ll see what happens after rebooting, likely leading to restoring from that backup yet again when I won’t be able to log on. And since I have that plan to make what will basically be a current backup that should still allow me to log on if I’ll restore it again later, that will require some care and may not go quite right, so I just want to get this out of the way first.
Should really add some non-personal posts too, and at this rate I’ll absolutely need to after this month, but I may just give up on even that rule instead, no idea at the moment… May finish Eschalon this week, though there’s obviously no chance of doing so today, so I’ll need to remember to copy the saves back if I’ll restore that backup, since it annoyingly doesn’t put them in its own folder, but either way I don’t plan to write a review for it to hope that it’ll be this week’s second post, since it already has three on MobyGames and it’s not a game I particularly want to review, and it’d be very hard to do so anyway, after taking a break from it for close to two years. After all, didn’t even review Hordes of the Underdark and that one has only one review and I likely enjoyed it more, but after all the years it took me to finally get to the end, there was no way I could put something together.

Ran again yesterday, and definitely confirmed regaining my speed in what should be the last run with speed as the goal, since next week I should gradually start preparing for this year’s half marathon. I was actually feeling quite tired and thought it’ll be hard, but the time was 47:16, making this the third fastest time over this distance, only a second away from the second. Sector times were 4:16, 5:00, 5:44, 4:25, 4:56, 5:49, 4:30, 4:59, 5:52 and 1:45, making for lap times of 15:00, 15:10 and 15:21. Have quite a number of exact times too, though of course that’s a matter of just when I pressed the button. Still, to list those that would now seem to be in the top ten, the exact total time was 47:16.18, the first lap time was 15:00.10, the first lap’s first sector time was 4:16.32, its third sector time was actually 5:43.80, and I believe the second lap’s second sector time was 4:55.84, though there is a chance it may be something between that and 4:55.78.
The reported temperature of 12-13°C meant I could just have a t-shirt on again, though I did wear the jacket on the way to and from the park, so had it tied around my waist while running, and I felt a bit of wind too early on. Definitely didn’t mean to aim for such a time, just hoping to confirm that I had indeed regained my regular speed and not fail to stay under 48:30 again, yet after the second sector I decided to just push hard and go for a very fast first lap, maybe even under 15 minutes, failing that by the slimmest of margins. After that, I started thinking of getting under 48 minutes, and then, especially after lap two as well, of being faster than last week and preferably even getting under 47:30. Lap three’s first sector was quite slow though, and then on the second sector I spotted a 1 RON bill with nobody in its immediate vicinity, so I took a step to the side and grabbed it, then stuffed it in a pocket. That obviously caused me to lose a bit of time and I thought my chances of staying under 47:30 were even lower, but I pushed like crazy to try to make up for it and did indeed manage a very fast second sector despite that loss, and then finished the lap with a time that made it clear I’ll easily manage that. Had also considered a new third best time as I was nearing the end of the lap, but I thought I didn’t have enough left to manage that, yet just gave it everything again and not only managed it by some margin, but in fact was a mere second away from the second best time. So I guess it can be said that I was 1 RON away from a new second best, since I lost more than that getting that bill. At the same time, maybe I wouldn’t have pushed quite that hard if I wouldn’t have been trying to make up for that, and I definitely lost more time getting around people, since there were still quite a few, though obviously nothing like last time.

After that, changed, grabbed the recyclables to drop off on the way and went to Kaufland and Carrefour. Mainly meant to look for some things for the cats, since I saw that such products were on sale now at Carrefour, but dad mentioned something from Kaufland too and I went there first, to check prices too. On the way there it wasn’t much of a problem that I couldn’t go around the stadium, as I normally do, since there was a match there that evening, which I had forgotten about until a few guys approached me as I got close to the entrance, one asking whether I was going to the match, and I suddenly realized I had to go around. Was quite an issue on the way back though, having to go around when I was carrying quite some weight.
Either way, I saw some better yogurt when I was in Kaufland, discounted because it’s expiring soon, and I could just get one with what little I still had for regular expenses these days and that 1 RON I had found, but I didn’t mean to buy it then and then store it until I’ll get all the other stuff and I knew somebody else was going to get it if I left it there, being discounted like that, so I hid it behind some milk and then went to Carrefour… Where I couldn’t find the cat food I was mainly looking for, so just got the other thing and then went back to Kaufland, to get what I had to get from there and also retrieve that yogurt from where I had placed it, to buy it as well. Carrying it all back was a problem though, even more so since I had to go around the stadium area. Carried more a few of times, albeit with difficulty, but now after a while I seemed to run out of strength in my fingers, first in my left hand, but eventually in the right as well, so I had to keep stopping to keep the stuff from falling from my hands. As I was getting close, I could barely take a handful of steps before having to stop again. But eventually made it…

As for Sunday, since dad had told me Saturday evening that he wanted something from the pharmacy and it was quite a lot cheaper at the one I tend to go to for such things, I went right there after waking up… And basically searched the whole place for it, starting from where I thought it was more likely to be, going down the list of probable locations, then starting from where I was after exhausting said list and looking everywhere else, finally finding it in what was pretty much the last possible place, just before getting to the area with stuff for babies, which is the first one from the entrance and where that thing couldn’t have possibly been. The thing is that if I’d have started from the idea that I had to search everywhere, not thinking that I could figure out where it should be, I’d have started there and found it right away. But at least I did find it without needing to ask. Was very sleepy after getting back though, cold too, was worried something wasn’t right, but it was a fair bit better after catching a quick nap between the rounds of ski jumping, missing the first 12 jumps of the second round before waking up.


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