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Last Run Before My First Marathon

No idea when I’ll write this week’s second post, much less both, after today, so I’m just throwing this here about last week’s second run, which I mentioned considering, and the rest of that day. Should have written something about the referendum, but after going out again to get some more things yesterday, I rested and slept as much as I could today, and after today this will definitely be the plan, getting my race kit and likely some things from the farmers’ market, cooking what I want to eat these days and otherwise resting and sleeping as much as I can, so that won’t happen until at least next week. And I’m quite sure no other actual personal update will be coming before then either, so I’ll see what I’ll manage to put here as the second post and when. May even be just a little note on Sunday, assuming I’ll make it, or Saturday evening or even that night, to have it here in case I won’t be in a good enough state to manage to write anything after.

Yes, I did run again last week, Thursday morning, waking up at 8 AM and meaning to be out the door at 9:15 AM, but ending up being two minutes late and then rushing to the park. Rushed too much, as I meant to start at 9:30 AM and ended up there with a few minutes to waste, but that didn’t hurt my time, which actually was my second fastest over ten kilometers, 47:15, the stopwatch actually listing 47:15.00. Sector times were 4:22, 5:06, 5:52, 4:24, 4:56, 5:49, 4:21, 4:58, 5:40 and 1:47, making for lap times of 15:20, 15:09 and 14:59. That means a new fastest third lap, or at least what I’ll list as the new fastest lap three, though a difference of one second compared to the previous record means it may also be a matter of rounding, as I don’t have exact times. That lap’s third sector time was also the second fastest third sector ever, showing that I could still really push, though the final sector wasn’t at the same level.

After the run I went back out, to Auchan, going out six minutes early to be sure I won’t miss their free bus again and, of course, needing to wait since it was some five minutes late. The bread I usually get still looked different, and the one bought two days before tasted different too, so I assumed this would be the same and instead got two of the other kind which has a different shape but a very similar composition, and which now seems to be priced according to weight as well, to have enough for this entire week. Got a few other things too, but still couldn’t get yogurt, as those packs still expired too soon and they looked ugly, dirty and even damaged too, also still couldn’t find that energy bar, actually seeing that notification about a missing shipment where it should have been on the shelf, and forgot to check for that kind of pasta again, but when I checked another day I confirmed that they don’t have that kind at all, so it didn’t matter.
From there, went to Kaufland and Carrefour too, just getting one thing from the first and a couple of things from the second. Also noticed a bunch of coins spread on the floor in front of an ATM in the mall that Carrefour is in, so I wondered who got coins out of it and then left them there, but while several were 0.01 RON ones, which I left, spotted two 0.05 RON ones and grabbed them, and recall finding a few others elsewhere too. There was a bit of an unpleasant moment at the checkout at Carrefour though, since I used one of those small ones, for few products, and those don’t have a belt, so I just put my two things there next to the last one left to scan from the previous customer as I dug in my pocket for the money, assuming the cashier will know there was just one item left and won’t continue with mine, but she didn’t and that other customer had to tell her the cabbage wasn’t his. Then again, doubt she was paying much attention anyway, since she seemed to be trading jokes, or maybe more exactly small jabs, with him. She called someone to remove that cabbage from the other customer’s order, sounding quite bothered and repeating that only one customer should put products there while that other customer was saying, still in good humor, that she must have seen me with the cabbage and couldn’t have expected me to just hold it in hand, but I just mumbled a few apologies and left it at that, and the person who needed to authorize removing that from the order apparently was just there, maybe after having just left before I got there, so it was all over quickly.


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