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Need to Finish Adding Old BookCrossing Reviews…

It was almost four years ago that I posted about finishing copying my old reviews from BookCrossing to Goodreads, but while that last batch was copied here as well, most of those copied there earlier are still not here, and adding them is now my only chance to be able to stick to that last rule I haven’t yet given up on for this blog, having the personal posts, so those from the Personal and Tests & Surveys categories, be less than half of the total. After this post, those two categories will have 729 of the 1461 posts, leaving me with a buffer of only two, which may well be exhausted next week.
Quickly went through the titles and there seem to be 32 such reviews not copied here yet, so adding them will solve the issue for months to come, but this is the last such “trick” I have left at the moment, and since so few of my posts haven’t been personal in a long time, it’s quite clear that later this year I’ll need to either give up on this rule as well or come up with some other idea… Which may be adding quick reviews for games played as well, and perhaps even for music albums I listened to.
Doing this for the games is something I’ve actually been thinking about for a while. I mean, I already have some quick notes about most of the games I ever played and in some cases it was hard to cut those down to the size limit I had set for myself there, so expanding those a little, perhaps even more so in case of the few games I finished more recently and didn’t write a full review for, and then just copying the others as they are on the blog as well, would add some 150 posts at the moment, and there are quite a few other games I played in the past which I could add later as well. There is the question of how to pick the dates for those posts, but I’ll figure something out, even if it’ll simply be a matter of adding them with the current date, not in the past, like I do with these copied book reviews, seeing as even when I’ll simply copy an existing note I have absolutely no idea when I originally wrote it.

I guess I found something to post today after all, and actually got the list of titles to copy here too, which I guess is a start. Otherwise, it’s interesting that the post mentioning finishing copying those reviews to Goodreads is also the one mentioning first trying Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and that today I got around to sending the support guy a video showing the results of the tests he said he ran, which for him show it working just as it should and for me not at all. Now this doesn’t mean that this post will mark giving up on it and starting to try other solutions again, but that’s just because of him extending my license for free, until May. Not that it’s a good idea to continue using it like this either way, but for now I’m giving them a little more time. Definitely won’t be paying for a new license under these circumstances, of course.


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