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Quick Review: Dungeon Hunter III (MRE – Nokia 230)

Some nine months ago, I ended up playing this on my Nokia 230 after being tricked into purchasing it. The demo is limited to 90 seconds, without any timer being displayed, and as soon as the 90 seconds end, the purchase screen shows up, with the option to purchase selected, and the button to press to agree works as attack button in the game, and I was in a fight at the time. This was obviously cause for a fair bit of anger, but after deciding to see what the €0.99 got me, I ended up finishing it in one sitting of about two hours… After needing to restart once, since it even failed to save properly when I initially stopped after reaching the second area.
I’d normally start such quick reviews with the good things, but there’s little of that to mention, and it’s odd that this port, which as far as I know is the simplest one, is paid, while it was my understanding that the “proper”, complete version, for smartphones, was free from the beginning. From what I gathered at a glance, this hardly has anything to do with that “proper” version, but I guess it’s a bit of an achievement to create an ARPG, basic as it is, for such a phone and stuff it in about 500 KB, and there are a handful of areas to explore and three available classes, the choice of class determining the available skills and usable weapons, and you can decide which attributes to improve each level.
However, that’s about it. The automatic class “upgrade” is completely in name only, nothing else changing, there are three skills and there’s basically no point in using any but the best one you have access to, all shopkeepers have a complete inventory, the few quests received on the way are nothing to speak of, there are few actually different enemy types and you can’t get back to an area once you leave it, so you must complete side quests when you get them. It’s just something to do for a little while.


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