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Syberia, Botanical Garden, Trouble with New Headphones and Old Glasses

I was quite surprised Wednesday evening, when I finished Syberia. Was quite sure that there will be one more area after the one I was in at the time, but that wasn’t the case, and the ending actually felt quite rushed. So I finished it then, and then quickly threw together a quick review as well, to have a first post for this week, and from now on I definitely mean to always write one of these for any game that I finish and don’t want to write a proper review for. And this also means that I have five games finished by the end of August this year, even if counting The Müll Littoral feels a bit like cheating, so I have reached the normal goal for a year and should from now on focus on games that will take a long time and maybe switch between them if I’ll think that doing so will result in advancing more overall, not caring to actually finish anything in the next several months.

Going back a bit, Tuesday evening I hit my head as I was putting a small plastic bottle under the seat in the kitchen, next to all the others that I keep, still hoping I’ll eventually be able to crush them and still have them accepted by some recycling center but receiving no reply from those I sent messages to and not having the courage to actually go to one and ask in person. Micky was on that seat, right in that place, and I didn’t want to reach in there while stretching my head over the seat and into her and I couldn’t reach otherwise, so I pulled the table away… The problem was that I already had my head down there, and that table has quite a large structure, not regular legs, and I didn’t think about that at the moment, so I ended up pulling a corner of some part of it right into my head, cracking or at least scratching it. There was a bit of blood, which I washed away, then I pried some ice from the freezer and held it there until it melted, then cleaned the area again and put some medicinal alcohol, which I left there while making salad, then cleaned the area a couple more times.

The timed squats done during this period were just 2:30 Sunday, 2:27 Wednesday, 2:25 today and about 2:23 Monday, give or take a second, since a replay was just ending then. And since I got back to the beginning of the period covered by this post, there was another double middle click in the early hours of August 25, before going to bed that morning, following those mentioned in the previous personal post, but again no others since then. It was also on that day, after waking up, that I finally started using the new headphones, but I’ll get to that later, since I guess this paragraph is about odds and ends, where I’d fit the annoying little exchange I had with dad that evening, about something else he’s changing in the bathroom. He had also said that somebody was supposed to come the next evening, around 6 PM, to drill some holes, and since I didn’t want to be there at the time and didn’t want to talk to him again either, I left around 5:45 PM and went to Kaufland, walking slowly both ways, dropping off the things I drop off there and just getting some more of those things Liza is addicted to and that cheap coffee they drink. When I got back, at 7:20 PM, it didn’t seem that anybody had been here or that anything had been done, and nobody came since then either, but I didn’t ask about it and don’t care to.

Thursday I volunteered at the Botanical Garden again, once again going to help Eszter, not being alone again. Set the alarm for 2:15 PM, but eventually got up just before 1:50 PM, after sleeping poorly again despite, very oddly, not needing to get up to pee at all. Left at 4:10 PM, as planned, and after I got there, left my backpack, took a pair of gloves and found Eszter, I learned that the gift shop had already changed the closing time to 7 PM, so we had to rush. She had been watering for some time, having already passed that central area, and asked me to water the magnolias with water from buckets, since she hadn’t known about the change either and otherwise we won’t have time to finish, gather the hose and change. She told me to fill four buckets, because half of one should be enough for one magnolia, but I counted ten magnolias, not including that central one, and also saw five buckets stacked in the gift shop, so it seemed to add up too well and I filled all of them, even if I guess she might have said four due to having already watered two with the hose and filling a bucket in that gift shop bathroom took quite a while, due to the low water pressure and also needing to use something smaller first, since buckets obviously won’t fit in a sink and there’s no short hose there.
It was probably 5:40 PM or so by the time I was done, as I remember checking the time and seeing it was after 5:30 PM when I still had a little to do and then I also lost a bit of time trying to use a wheelbarrow, as she had told me to, only to realize that it’d be a struggle to fit three buckets on it without spilling water and it’d therefore be faster to just carry them by hand, two at a time. However, after carrying the first two buckets and watering the first two magnolias, so when I was thinking that I was just starting to actually do something, since just standing there and filling some buckets couldn’t possibly count, she called me over, asked whether I had carried those buckets by hand and when I said I had she handed me the hose and said she’ll do the rest herself, since she doesn’t want to “abuse” me in that manner, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So all I could do was finish watering what was left with the hose, feeling quite awkward, while she took care of the magnolias and also the last area with other flowers.
It was just before 6 PM when we were done and I went to turn off the water, and then we gathered the hose incredibly quickly as well, since I saw 6:14 PM when we were done, with her again doing the harder part but still praising me, which is awfully embarrassing… And then I felt even worse when she let me change first and pointed out that she had left me some grapes as well, which she insisted I had to take, and when I got back I saw that it was pretty much exactly 1 kg. In addition, she started raking the area around the gift shop while I changed my pants, and we exchanged a few more words before I walked away, just before 6:30 PM. She said I was the only one helping her with watering, since there’s one person who just comes in the morning and therefore can’t do that, since we’re supposed to water in the evening, and the few others who still come sometimes told her directly, after doing it the first time, that they won’t do that again. But it still feels like, instead of volunteering to do something, I ended up being “paid” by another volunteer to do pretty much nothing.
Either way, I then stopped again a little farther, taking close to ten minutes to arrange the stuff in my backpack and pockets, those grapes making it somewhat difficult. Then I went to Auchan, getting what I could, since money will be really tight for the next couple of weeks, and catching the 8:15 PM free bus to get back. The money situation also means that I’ll need to see what I’ll do about the security software, since the current trial ends tomorrow, buying the headphones means I don’t have enough set aside for what I had planned and I don’t really care to get a license for just one year. But that’s a matter for next week, and to finish with Thursday I should also mention here that I found bites on my hands that evening. There were mosquitoes getting everywhere, in my eyes, in my ears, but it would appear that the repellent did its job, yet it had obviously been washed off my hands… Though these don’t look like mosquito bites, and I wonder if there wasn’t actually something in those gloves I took…

As for this week’s run, that was yesterday, the time being 47:52.34, with sector times of 4:21.93, 5:07 (5:06.59), 5:52 (5:51.80), 4:24.05, 5:00 (4:59.66), 5:47.17, 4:29.44, 5:05 (5:04.53), 5:57.24 and 1:50 (1:49.93), making for lap times of 15:20.32, 15:11 (15:10.88) and 15:31.21. The forecast I saw listed a high of 31°C, but I saw 33°C reported both when I left, just after 3 PM, and when I got back, and the Sun was burning, there was some wind as well, plus that I had “managed” to choke on watermelon and my airways still didn’t feel properly cleared despite coughing a fair bit, which also caused some soreness and made some mucus build up. All of this made me not really set any goal, but I pushed more and more, at first wondering whether I’ll at least manage to stay under 48:30, then starting to think of 48 minutes again, and managing it.
There weren’t many people, so the main problems were the heat and the few areas where I had to go against the wind, but there were some clouds as well, and those helped a fair bit. There was such a period even on lap one, possibly on sector two, then towards the end of sector two of lap two, and then again later. Not quite sure when it got cloudy again, but it was cloudy at least for most of lap three, maybe starting in sector one, if not for just about the entire lap, though at the end it was sunny again, and I really felt it when I ended up in the open at the end of that final sector, as I was giving it everything I still had. Really doubt I’d have managed to stay under 48 minutes without those clouds, since I really pushed and felt exhausted from the end of lap two, but when I saw the time on that sector three of lap two I knew I had a good reason to be so exhausted, and it worked out in the end, even though I was doubting it again after sector one of lap three.
I was drenched in sweat, and actually just what was dripping off my arms made puddles on the desk as I was writing the times in the file, despite trying to wipe several times. Yet I meant to go right back out, to donate some remaining old books, since I saw an event made to gather books for rural school libraries, but I hadn’t noticed the tight hours, only between noon and 3 PM, so it’s a good thing I looked before leaving and realized there was no reason to go anymore, and with today being the last day and not going today either, that was that. On the other hand, the evening was quite unpleasant, since dad badly burned something in the kitchen and the whole place was filled with smoke, giving me headaches as I made myself salad and mamaliga with eggs and cheese and yogurt again, despite all windows and doors being open and a fan running in the kitchen as well.

And now let me get to the new headphones, which I’m still wondering what to do about. I can still return them, but now that I finally got myself to get some, I’d rather not if I can help it. And the sound is good, though I’m not blown away by it, the way many seem to be. I mean, the voices are very clear, yes, and I think I notice that the bass is separate, to reduce how much it interferes with higher frequencies, but the effort to reduce noise may have gone a bit too far, as everything seems just a little muffled and when it comes to the highs I think I hear some more details even on those cheap ones I got for my phone, and on a test I definitely noticed that drop around 4 kHz, which I gather is intentional, supposedly to reduce the noise when you listen to someone talking in a microphone, which is not what I’ll use them for. And they definitely seem very solid, though I guess there’s also a chance that this may mean that they’ll eventually snap somewhere all of a sudden.
But the fact that they’re so solid and the earcups, being over ear and trying to seal, are the problem, since the frame of my glasses doesn’t have the regular shape, going down behind the ears, but continues almost straight, sort of just sitting on my ears and holding on a little bit to my head behind them. Admittedly, when I got them I was very unhappy with how the old ones fit as well, yet I ended up using them for almost nine and a half years and the real problems were only during the first months, before getting used to them, and the last, when they had started visibly harming my right ear, and it says there that before that I wasn’t wearing glasses with headphones at all due to the headaches they caused, the fact that those were just on ear at least fixing that problem. But now I really can’t be at the computer and not wear my glasses anymore, so I really need to see what to do, because these really push those things into my head and it hurts quite badly, can’t keep them on like that for long, and I doubt it’s healthy either. There may be positions in which it’s better, I’m trying various things and there is some relief in some cases, but I doubt it’s something I’ll be able to fix that way, without changing the frames, and I’m not sure that’d be worth it, and I don’t know whether regular ones would fix the problem anyway. Plus that the headband leaves a very red mark on my head as well, which I guess means they’re heavier and generate more pressure there than I thought. But that’s a smaller issue, as is the fact that the cable is on the left, so I’m still not sure how to place it and not have it get in the way of my arm, which already caused me to pull roughly on it a few times, by accident.


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