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Honey, Other Heavy Purchases and Being Fucked Up Again

Four years ago, I was writing a post about buying honey from this guy at the Christmas fair, and said post had “Honey” and “Being Fucked Up” in the title. Well, now I bought more honey from that same guy, also at the Christmas fair, and the post title includes those same terms. However, back then the two were directly related, having to interact with him for the honey being the reason for being fucked up, while now I’m fucked up due to the situation with the network, plus the concerns about my nose and breathing. The fact that dad told me yesterday that the appointment on January 9 is for the two of us, my mother and my grandmother as well definitely made this latter part worse as well, since I haven’t seen my grandmother in close to 20 years and I don’t want to, and also really wouldn’t want to be there with my mother either. But much worse at the moment is the fact that, also last evening, he started the talk about Internet access with me, after having apparently spoken to the son of that friend of his, and the options offered were nothing I’d accept and he doesn’t know or understand what I’m talking about and I couldn’t really talk about it and then couldn’t stop and was just letting it out and I guess it went right past him anyway. For that matter, most of this post was written then, as I was trying to just sit here and focus on something else.

So I’ll get right to that “something else”, which is what I did Monday, when I wandered around to buy stuff, the main goal being the honey, since I already knew that the guy will be at that fair again and I just wanted to get more from him. Was rather worried after I got up though, since it was only supposed to rain a little in the morning, yet I looked outside and saw worrying clouds. Still, the forecast listed 0% risk of rain after 1 PM… And yet it was just at 1 PM when the rain started again, though it fortunately stopped by the time I left, just after 2:15 PM, and didn’t start again after that.
Walked to that farmers’ market first, having a look and seeing that I could buy some apples from there, and that plenty had cabbage at a similar price to the large stores, and one for a third less. Didn’t buy from that one though, going to the nearby Supeco and getting cabbage from there, plus cornmeal and two lemons. The cornmeal bags were a problem though, since it’s that very cheap kind and one of the problems with it is that the bags just come apart at the back, so I noticed that it was spilling from the first ones I took, went back to dig through the rest and replaced the two I clearly saw were coming apart with two others that seemed fine, but when I got to the checkout I noticed that it was spilling again, and when I finally got back here and took them out I saw that two were spilling, so I used sticky tape to hold them together, and ended up losing a small quantity. Either way, went back to the market after that, getting some apples, then walked to the metro station… And saw a car crash on the way, one driver stopping at a pedestrian crossing and getting rammed by the one behind him, causing a fair bit of damage to both cars and a lot of fluid to spill from the engine of the one doing the ramming. Nobody seemed hurt though.
Once on the metro, I was wondering what to do, and the fact that I was already carrying almost eight kilograms led to deciding to go all the way to Basarab and drop everything off in a cabinet at that Kaufland. Then I bought a few things, having no issues with the self-checkout, added those in that same cabinet and walked to that Carrefour, mainly looking for red cabbage there. However, the price was about 50% higher than the one I had seen Saturday at the one next to the park, so I just got a couple of other discounted things, which were in that place for stuff that expires soon despite only expiring on the 27th, probably due to it being closed on the 25th and having shorter hours on the 24th and 26th.
Was out of there at 5:20 PM and took the metro to the fair, getting there around 5:40 PM, or maybe a few minutes later… And immediately realizing that knowing the number of the “house” where that guy was going to be wasn’t going to help me if there was no map and I couldn’t see any numbers on any of them. So I had to just wander around, searching, and then wandered around a bit longer after finding him and taking a quick look, as I decided on what to get and rehearsed what I was going to say and how it should go… And somehow forgot that I also meant to ask whether they’re doing anything to promote the ECI asking to phase out synthetic pesticides, restore biodiversity and support farmers, since they did post about it but I saw nothing there and they didn’t say anything either.
Still took my time when I got back there, allowing someone else in front of me, pretending to look at a few other things, but eventually managed to get myself to say that I wanted a large jar of linden honey and a large bottle of polyfloral honey. Had 100 RON to spend there and that worked out quite fine, with the bottle being 75 RON and the jar 24 RON. The acacia honey was now 32 RON for a large jar, so I couldn’t touch that, unfortunately. But he did give me some honeycomb for free, saying it’s a gift for buying a larger quantity. Not sure of the bottle though, since it should contain 2.85 kg, but after wandering around a little longer I found some scales that weren’t that “guarded” at that moment, the person who was there looking away, and I saw I believe 2.828 kg, if not even a bit less, as I didn’t really let it stabilize. What’s worse is that when I weighed it again after coming back, I saw 2.7 kg, though I had to use the scales for people, which may not be that accurate, the other one saying the battery was low. Either way, with the large jars supposed to contain 750 grams and costing 22 RON for the polyfloral ones, I likely didn’t save much. But at least I got the one bottle of polyfloral honey that was still fluid, so I could easily pour it in jars that evening.
Was out of the fair at 6:15 PM and walked to Unirii, meaning to check out that Carrefour next. However, when I saw the Mega Image that’s in that area I decided to have a look there as well, stuffing my things in one of their cabinets and finding onions that were a fair bit cheaper than the ones I had purchased from Kaufland. They were worse, however, so I took my time selecting pretty much all of those that still seemed fine, ending up with exactly 500 grams. Then I sort of meant to leave my stuff there and go to that Carrefour, but I ended up grabbing my bag… And having nowhere to put it once I did get to Carrefour. Access to the cabinets was blocked and a guard was standing there, saying that the keys had been lost and putting stickers on the things people were bringing in, and while it shouldn’t have even been necessary for the honey, the labels making it clear it hadn’t been purchased from there, and the couple of other things wouldn’t have been a problem, I had just dropped the onions in the large bag and didn’t feel like putting them in a smaller one and having him try to tie it and then put that sticker on it, possibly in a way that’d make me need to tear it to open it again. So I just decided to give up on that idea and get back to the metro, also buying a pretzel from there and eating it on the train, on my way back to Dristor.
From there, went to that Carrefour, passing by two carts left outside, next to each other and with the coins still in them, so I just connected them and took the coin from the one that released it, using it when I put my stuff in a cabinet. Then, found red cabbage at the same price I had seen before, so bought one, plus a bread for dad, even if that meant spending quite some time in line, being there at rush hour and also wasting a few minutes by standing in the wrong line, as the common one for most of the regular checkouts and the one for the self-checkouts, which I can’t use at Carrefour since they don’t accept cash, had just about merged and I thought the one for the regular checkouts was actually going all the way to the end of the other one. But at least there were no other issues there, which I can’t say about the next part, since I went back to Supeco for two bottles of cooking oil, as the price I had seen there had been the lowest, only to be asked for more at checkout. But I told the guy that the listed price was lower and, probably since I also seemed to be the only customer there at the time, he actually just got up and came to check, confirming it… And then using a calculator to multiply it by two. But what matters is that I got them for the listed price, so I then recovered my things, which I had stuffed in two of their cabinets, which can’t even be locked, and got out of there just before 8 PM.
Walked back to the metro after that, and finally returned to that Kaufland at Basarab, where my first purchases were still waiting, getting there around or just after 8:30 PM. And since I was there, didn’t want to just grab everything and leave right away, instead meaning to have another look inside, to see whether I could find some more discounted bread for dad or possibly something else that’d catch my eye. However, the cabinet door wouldn’t lock again after I added the new purchases in there, and it had seemed to get stuck when I tried to open it as well, even the first time, so I tried to split the stuff into two smaller cabinets, needing to search for a while to find two that were empty and had doors that locked. But I eventually did manage that, did go inside, at almost 8:40 PM… And went back out, at 8:55 PM, empty-handed, not finding what I was looking for… And forgetting to get one of those bags of pretzels that were on sale at the time, which I had meant to tell dad to take to my mother, to see whether she’ll like them, instead of what he usually buys for her.
So I finally grabbed my stuff, did what I could to arrange them better once again and went back to the metro, arriving back here just before 9:30 PM. Had calculated that I was carrying about 20 kg, and when I weighed myself, with everything, I saw 70.9 kg, which dropped to 48.8 kg after dropping the bags, backpack, jacket, shoes and phone, and then to 47.8 kg after changing to what I wear inside. So I weigh 47 kg on my own and carried 24 kg, including clothes and what I had in my pockets, and yet still only needed 12 minutes to get here from the metro station, without stopping to rest on the way. The backpack helped a lot, since I could put the honey and oil in there and not have to carry that in my hands as well, and I also had those large and sturdy bags and calculated the weights properly, balancing them well. But that whole thing really meant I couldn’t do anything else that day, even leaving some of the usual stuff I do for the next… And forgetting to do anything that’d be reflected in the files that get backed up every morning, so the script had nothing to copy.

Since I’m still using Kaspersky Anti-Virus, its limited functionality mode seeming good enough for the time being, Wednesday it asked me to reboot for a program update and the fan speeds ended up stuck again after that, which may be taken as a confirmation of the fact that this is something that may just randomly happen when I reboot, same as getting stuck on the boot screen and requiring a hard reset. Since it’s quite cool these days, actually intended to leave it like that for a while at first, but a few hours later I did turn the computer off and back on, which seems to be the way to fix this.

As for today, the plan was to run, and I did. At first I was also thinking that I’ll get signed up for next year’s half marathon and marathon this evening, after using this run as a final test to try to determine whether I’ll have any chance to still run then, since that appointment is after the deadline for the minimum entrance fee, which is December 31, and I had talked to dad about it yesterday, before he started that other discussion, and he had agreed, but there was no chance of being able to handle dealing with him again now. Since last night I sent him e-mails with the information and options I had for the Internet and that made me want to avoid him even more from now on, was even worried about him possibly getting back too early and finding myself unable to get myself to even leave with him around, or needing to just run back to my room and stay here right after coming back, but he only got back as I was about to finish taking food to my room. Unfortunately, that was a few seconds before and not after, so I had to quickly close the door to the kitchen and couldn’t avoid saying something even so, because he asked whether Micky was in there with me before leaving again for a while, but at least it was nothing more than that so far. Did see a reply to my first e-mail after sending the last one last night, but obviously didn’t read it and hope that nothing will be decided until at the very least Monday evening, and most preferably even later next week, so I’ll have some time to recover before putting myself through that again.
To return to the run, went back to bed after waking up to pee around 11:30 AM, setting the alarm to 1 PM and getting up after it rang. Then I ate an apple and made the usual tea, but had my cereals with one of those creamy “Greek” yogurts, with 10% fat, instead of a regular one, since I had found and purchased one that was discounted due to expiring soon and saved it for this day, though it had expired yesterday. And for something sweet I had a large doughnut with jam and honey. Then I went out, at 3 PM, wearing the training shirt over the undershirt and t-shirt I wear inside, with the jacket also on me for the walk to and from the park, and that thing received the last time I planted trees in a pocket, putting it on when I took the jacket off before starting to run.
With it being quite sunny and a reported temperature around 7°C, plus a bit of wind that didn’t really bother me under those circumstances, only feeling it a bit early on and then again towards the end, I ended up quite sweaty, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Or none other than running and wearing that thing in itself, I mean, since on the first sector I was thinking I won’t manage it like that, feeling like I could hardly breathe with it covering my nose. But after I started breathing out through my mouth and changed some positions and angles a little, things were much better… Until I felt something tickling me on sector two of lap four and got my finger in there to scratch and try to take it out, and moved that thing as a result, then put it back somewhat differently. At least my right nostril was often closing even before then, but it wasn’t that much of a problem, with the controlled pace I had, yet after that both nostrils were closing and it was hard to breathe, and after I tried to fix things at the start of lap five it got even worse and I could hardly breathe at all, so I took that thing off for a bit, stuck a finger up my nose a couple of times, tried to put it back on in different ways and eventually found something that sort of worked again, allowing me to finish, though I found myself needing to stop and gasp for breath as soon as I did.
Yes, I mentioned laps four and five, which means I went for 16 kilometers again. Since I didn’t want to go through those problems with my nose again, meant to stick to a very controlled pace, just under 16 minutes per lap, aiming only to stay under 50 minutes if I’d have just covered ten kilometers, but started considering doing 16 kilometers as I went out and after getting used to breathing with that thing on and seeing how I was feeling and what times I was obtaining, I decided to just go for it, thinking that, while just staying under 1:20 for 16 kilometers will also be embarrassing, it’ll be less so than just staying under 50 minutes for ten. Briefly considered even going for a half marathon distance, albeit at a slower pace after five laps, but that’d have been too much of a push and it’d have gotten dark as well, and then the breathing problems on lap five made it clear that it wasn’t an option at all. But at least I was a bit faster than the planned 1:20, as after three laps I started thinking of pushing just enough to stay under 1:19 and did so by quite some margin, the time being 1:18:42, with sector times of 4:24, 5:18, 5:59, 4:34, 5:11, 6:00, 4:33, 5:13, 6:02, 4:36, 5:09, 6:03, 4:37, 5:08 and 5:55, making for lap times of 15:41, 15:45, 15:48, 15:48 and 15:40. Made a point of not memorizing exact times, so don’t have any, but those lap times sure show how much I controlled my pace, with eight seconds between the slowest and the fastest lap, the third and the fourth being covered in the exact same time and, despite those problems with breathing and the time lost trying to sort it out to some extent during its first sector, the last one being the fastest, albeit only a second faster than the first.
There were a fair number of people, requiring weaving and slowing and squeezing through, but since I wasn’t trying to be fast, I just did what I could, sprinting for a gap a few times but probably more often taking it easy when I noticed roadblocks ahead, and a fair number of times not really searching for the most efficient route through. There was a moment, clearly on a sector two and I believe on lap four, but it’s also possible that it was on lap five, when a girl turned and meant to run across right in front of me, forcing me to quickly avoid her before her mother held her back, which seemed to have done something to a muscle in my right leg, since it bothered me for a while after that and I had to run somewhat differently until it got better. And that different posture was likely the reason why, as I pushed on sector three of lap five, my right knee seemed to be failing, the pain going all the way down to my toes and making me struggle a fair bit just when I wanted to sprint to the end… Not that I could have done much more either way, considering the breathing problems. Still wonder exactly why that thing was making my nostrils close like that, and how did its exact position influence that, seeing as it got so much worse after I only slightly changed that position, and then a fair bit better after changing it again.


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