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New Finds – XXIII

Recently, I finally created a section on the site for the list of bands and artists, so it won’t just be a pretty much hidden page anymore, but I haven’t done anything else with it. Worse, haven’t been checking that Power of Female Fronted Metal group for the past six months, the situation with my Internet access being what it is and going through potential new finds and possibly adding them to the list taking quite a lot of time, so I have a single new find during this entire period, as a result of an ad on YouTube that I actually listened to and found interesting. Still, even if mainly to avoid a fifth personal post in a row, I want to add another post to this series now. It’ll be another short one, with just three entries, and at the time I’m starting to write it I don’t even have any idea what the third will be, while the second will be anything but a new find, for me or, most probably, nearly everyone else with any interest in the genre. But I’ve been meaning to add it to such a post for a while, ever since I found out, several months after the fact, that they released a new album, and I’ve done this before, with Xandria, for the same reason.

That sole actual new find during this entire period is Moran Magal, so a singer-songwriter, but there are of course other people involved, to play the instruments used, with the exception of piano and keyboards. Something of a mixed bag overall, I’d say switching between a few different genres as well, some of which I’m not exactly fond of, but enjoyed some of the songs a fair bit. That obviously includes the song that made me discover her, Always Something, from her most recent album, which also seems to be her only full, proper one so far, so I’ll go with that as my first pick. As for the second, I listened to her first EP too, and I’ll go with Feel Again. But you can listen to pretty much everything yourself if you’re interested.

Next, the band too well-known to even put on the list would be Visions of Atlantis. I’ve known them for well over a decade, possibly closer to 15 years, but found myself quite impressed with the album they released last year, after only learning about it relatively recently. My expectations had definitely increased after their previous album, and for this reason I wouldn’t say I was completely blown away by this one, and there are a few weaker songs as well, but it is nevertheless quite impressive. It’s not easy to pick one song from it, so I’ll just pick out of the few they also have videos for, going with Nothing Lasts Forever for the moment. I’ll go way back for the second pick though, maybe as a way to show how they evolved since then. Not that this is easy, as there are a few others I’d have wanted to add here as well, earlier ones showing even more of an evolution, but I’ll stick to my usual rule and go with Seven Seas, since I remember how stuck I was on this for quite a long time back then, and I’m sure that this was the exact link I excitedly sent a few people at the time.

As for the third entry in this post, since I started with a singer, not a band, I’ll end with one as well, and that’s Eurielle. She’s also clearly quite well-known by now, but perhaps to a somewhat different crowd, and maybe it’s not exactly what you’d expect to see in such a post. Then again, in other ways, perhaps it is. Either way, a lovely voice and songs that just carry you away with them. Again, it’d be hard to pick if I’d go through everything, so I’m again making it much easier for myself and sticking just to those she has proper videos for, and I’ll exclude the collaborations as well, which leaves me with As the Skies Cascade as a clear pick out of the recent releases. As for something older, that’s harder, and I may well choose another if you’d ask me again, but at the moment I’ll go with Hate Me. But do listen to more yourself, maybe with your eyes closed and, I’ll say it again, allowing yourself to be carried away, maybe in a soothing daydream. Highly recommended, perhaps even more so in times like these.


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