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Another Game Received and Another Slow Run

After my parents left Thursday evening, I managed to nap for about an hour, and then when I went out of the kitchen while making the salad later I saw another one of those large black cockroaches, this time right there, among the shoes, and it didn’t escape. Otherwise, Liza doesn’t seem to be hissing at Micky anymore, after that first day of having her back here, but it’s quite messed up to see all the places my parents put water and food for them in, and of course Micky still doesn’t really get to eat unless Liza is kept away, since otherwise she’ll rush to her and chase her away as soon as she hears her starting to eat, no matter where she is. And with Micky basically just licking her food a little at a time, then searching for it again some time later, and Liza clearing anything she finds in seconds, the only way for Micky to get to eat any significant amount is if someone keeps an eye on her and gives her food just when she wants some, keeping Liza away, then hides it away again.

Wasn’t sure what I meant to do when I went to bed Friday morning, having to go out for bread and preferring to go early, but at the same time really needing to sleep, so I spent some time thinking about it when I first woke up, but then checked the time, saw 8:59 AM and decided to get up, leaving at 9:45 AM. Should have taken the recyclables as well, but completely forgot, though at least I didn’t forget to take a backpack, to be able to keep something off my hands if I’ll again find discounted cat litter.
Knowing that I had found those unannounced discounts at that other Carrefour last time, I went there, also thinking that if I’ll again find that kind of bread at half price, there may be a chance to find some of it unsliced as well, in which case I wouldn’t have to go to Kaufland anymore. Another purpose of the trip was to get an oven thermometer, but the store selling the one I had found on-line has locations in both of these malls, so that didn’t influence the decision to go that way. It was weird that, after having a look through a bookstore that’s on the same floor, I looked all over that store, being there alone with the two employees for several minutes, correctly identified the area where that thermometer should be, but somehow missed it, so I eventually had to ask for it and the employee just picked one up and handed it to me.
With it in my pocket, went in Carrefour and saw that cat litter was indeed still at that discounted price, but that bread was at the full price, so I had to go to Kaufland too after all. But I could get the cat litter later, and that also went for the cabbage, the discount I had seen for that being my main reason for being there but plenty of it looking good enough to not feel a need to grab one right away. However, I didn’t leave without purchases, since I also found a few more of those very cheap eggs. I think there were seven or eight left, but only three were still intact, albeit rather dirty because of the others, so I grabbed those three and the cloves I also wanted, then left them and the thermometer in a cabinet.
I was still undecided which Kaufland to go to when I walked out of that mall, but eventually headed towards that newer one again, to finally pass by that recycling center during working hours, confirming that it is indeed open. The reward for cans or plastic bottles still isn’t listed there though, and when I passed by another one, which I believe is operated by the same company, on my way back from this summer’s Dream Trek, I saw an amount that was 25% lower for cans and PET painted over on the list, making me think that they weren’t even accepting plastic bottles anymore. But I saw piles of them there, so they are still accepting them, though I have no idea if they still offer anything in exchange and wasn’t about to go in to ask.
In Kaufland, I meant to just get the bread I wanted, if it’d still be available, and leave, and things looked good when I saw that there were six left, so this time around I took a glove right away and grabbed four. Took a single large paper bag for them, however, and while they fit just fine, the corner of one of them tore it, which tends to be a risk with this bread, considering the shape and the hard crust, so I took a second bag and struggled for quite some time to get the first one inside it, as it somehow didn’t seem to fit at all and this second bag was just tearing along one side. But by the time I managed to at least get it to cover that torn corner, I had also noticed the pile of bread that was discounted because it expired the following day which was in that area, so I spent quite some time looking at that and checking most of them individually, even though all but two were of the same kind. All of it sliced and white, so obviously not for myself, but I eventually got one of each for dad… And then, on my way to the self-checkout, saw onions for an even lower price than at Carrefour, so I calculated what I could still fit in what I had taken before leaving and grabbed a few of those as well. That caused a little confusion, since it was apparently one of those discounts that’s applied at the end, so when I saw the price drop I didn’t immediately realize that it dropped to what it should have been in the first place, making me put everything in a cabinet, meaning to get back in and buy some more, thinking there had been an additional discount and I could fit a few more in what I had. But I then actually calculated again, realized what had happened, took everything back out of that cabinet and left…
I’m not sure how or why do I keep walking into spiderwebs, but soon after leaving Kaufland it happened again. I was just walking on the sidewalk, moments before a guy coming from the opposite direction would have passed through the same spot, and I suddenly found myself with a strand pretty much on my eyes, and this time I just tried to not actually touch my eyes or the mask, but did touch my face, head and ears, trying to get rid of as much of it as I could and again wondering whether the spider was on me as well. Felt something on my arm just as I was getting back to Carrefour and when I looked I saw something, but at first glance it looked more like an ant, though the legs seemed to get too far from its body and I didn’t count them, just quickly shaking it away.
Had already realized by then that I was going to have another problem, however, since I was going to need all the money I still had to even be able to get a rather small cabbage on top of the two bags of cat litter, and that Carrefour still requires a 0.50 RON coin to lock a cabinet, and on top of what I already had in there, I had to add my purchases from Kaufland too. Looked around for a bit, but all I could find was a 0.05 RON coin, so I simply stuffed everything in the cabinet, being careful to put the eggs on top and arrange things so they won’t press against the cabinet door and open it, and left it unlocked, visibly so, since you can’t remove the key without a coin, hoping nobody’ll take my things as I rushed inside and grabbed what I wanted… Which I couldn’t do as quickly as I hoped, since being in such a hurry made me miscalculate how much I still had left for cabbage, thinking I could get two smaller ones after all, trying to find good enough ones of the right size and eventually tricking the scales to reduce the weight by about 70 grams in order to make them fit in what I thought I had… Only to realize as I was standing in line that I couldn’t afford that after all, running back, just weighing the slightly larger cabbage again, leaving the other one and finally checking out.
Breathed a sigh of relief when I found everything still in that cabinet, then spent quite some time first struggling to stuff one of the bags of cat litter in the backpack, adding the onions on top of it as well, then arranging the other things in bags and trying to carefully remove the labels off the bag I had used for the cabbages, when I thought I could get two, the label I had placed on the remaining cabbage also ending up stuck to the inside of that bag. It was 1:30 PM when I was finally relatively content and walked away, but stopped again to use some disinfectant before leaving that mall, that dispenser working that time. Arranged things a little more then as well, and when I checked the time after taking a few steps outside I saw it was already 1:37 PM… And I still wasn’t exactly content with how things were arranged, so I stopped a few more times, at first thinking I could turn the bag I had around my neck around in order to have it on my back as well, then realizing it was choking me and getting it back to its normal position, then worrying about the eggs. The last time I stopped was just after getting back in the park after crossing the road, when I took the bag with those eggs out and held it separately and in front of the other bags, which seemed the safest way to hold it. Didn’t actually weigh what I carried that time, but it should have added up to about 18 kg, probably up to 19 kg if you add everything in my pockets and the bags and backpack.
It was 2 PM when I got here, so despite leaving that early because I hoped to avoid the worst of the heat, that was exactly when I ended up being outside. And, even though dad had left by then, it was only 4:35 PM when I got on-line. In between, also ended up losing a little 0.01 RON coin in the sink, that drain allowing such a little one to slip around it. After showering, pulled that thing up and saw it still there, but couldn’t pull it all the way back up using a stick and then a finger, and after it slipped back down several times it eventually fell down the drain, so now it’s probably stuck a bit farther down, where it bends, and will likely remain there. But maybe it was one of the four found in the self-checkout machine at Kaufland, and in total, adding the 0.10 RON one that was on the floor when I first checked out at Carrefour and that one found after I got back there, I had found a total of 0.19 RON that day, some of it actually ending up being needed, since I had a mere 0.12 RON left. Otherwise, did nap a little that evening, but late and probably for less than one hour… And then found a long hair in that cheese bought after the embarrassingly slow run, quite obviously having been there since I bought it, which was quite gross and concerning. And, speaking of concerning, my right eye has been bothering me a little since then, watering occasionally.

Was getting even more concerned when I was about to go to bed Sunday morning, since something seemed odd with my throat as well, and the feeling was still there after I woke up. But what I had eaten that night might have caused that, and it eventually went away, though Monday night there was an occasional rather sharp pain in one spot in my throat, I think where I thought something swallowed a few days before had scratched me on the way down, that spot possibly also being around one of those lumps I have there. To return to Sunday, there were no visits recorded that day, and I finished one of those sudoku magazines bought by dad, since it was so laughably easy… With the exception of one puzzle which actually had a typo, so it was impossible to solve normally… And then, before going to bed that night, or Monday morning if you prefer, I sent Andra another e-mail, just asking her to take care. It probably got lost in the void, of course, and I did consider using Goodreads again, but there was no point in risking that one more time if the result was the same and she doesn’t seem to be actively using it anymore anyway.

Tuesday I timed the squats again, doing them in 2:10 despite being in the kitchen, towards the end of almost four hours spent standing there, cooking, and not even preparing the moment at all, having a look and seeing that the time was just about to get to 87:00 in the match that was on at the time, so it was my very last chance to use it for this. Then I actually did a second series at night, after eating, though slower and obviously without timing, to count for the next day… And then I redeemed and downloaded Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, after asking for it just before midnight and having it granted just after midnight, so actually on July 8, again from The Community Giveaway on the GOG.com forums, the game yet again being donated by the same person I already received so many others from. He didn’t make his own giveaway again now, instead donating a huge list to The Community Giveaway, which was put up in three batches, and I happened to be able to check soon enough after this last and largest one was posted to still see this there, so I went for it, despite obviously feeling even more indebted and embarrassed as a result.

With a high around 24-25°C, no risk of rain and, according to the forecast, not much wind either, yesterday was clearly the day to run, and while the alarm was set to ring at 2:30 PM, to be safe, I woke up for the last time around 1:05 PM and after a few minutes decided to slowly get up. Had the usual stuff plus almonds, and those wheat things with jam as something sweet, since I had some again, but just wasted time on the toilet the first time. Tried again a bit later though, since I was in no hurry, and that time it worked. Went out at 3:40 PM, wearing the full running gear… And quickly realized that, since it was mostly sunny, it still felt hot outside, despite that much lower reported temperature.
That was another reason why I decided to push from the beginning, knowing that heat will make it even harder to maintain a pace, but I meant to do so anyway, since one of the less concerning reasons I can think of for the current loss of performance is that, while parks were closed, I got used to not push harder when I can, leaving too much for later, when I’m no longer able to push anyway. It still didn’t work, I still didn’t get back under 48 minutes, but at least it wasn’t an even more embarrassing result. Was thinking to continue to 16 km if it’d be clear I won’t even stay under 48:30, and even more so if I’d be in danger of even going over 49 minutes, assuming I’d realize it before completely exhausting myself trying to avoid it, but the time was 48:16.53, with sector times of 4:18.87, 4:59.09, 5:52 (5:51.99), 4:26 (4:25.29), 5:00 (4:59.96), 5:54.06, 4:32 (4:31.89), 5:12.13, 6:06 (6:05.84) and 1:57.41, making for lap times of 15:09.95, 15:20 (15:19.31) and 15:50 (15:49.86). So I managed a good first lap, in fact the second fastest overall since I could get back to the park, after lap two when I could first run there again, when I covered 16 km. And then lap two was just on the pace which would normally be needed to stay under 48 minutes. But that took a toll, and lap three was the second slowest out of all the laps covered when I ran ten kilometers since I could get back to the park, and this time I didn’t have the crowded park as an excuse. Worse, the final sector was the slowest one in just over one year, since that same run done under very hot conditions that’s the last one over 48 minutes until I got back to the park now.
In terms of problems, the park wasn’t crowded, so there was some weaving and going the long way around, but I wouldn’t say that even the few larger groups that acted like they owned the path really caused me to lose time, even if I had to search for a way through as I approached them and even go around them on the grass a few times. There were also occasional clouds, but when it was sunny and I wasn’t in the shade, it did feel hotter than I expected it to feel before leaving, though I already mentioned that I knew that to be the case before I even got to the park. And there were some gusts in some areas as well, but probably the one that was a real problem was right at the end, on that last, and sunny, part of the final straight, when the wind suddenly picked up so much I felt I could hardly move against it. Otherwise, there was a bit of pain at the back of my left thigh, just above the knee, from the beginning, lessening slowly, only really going away around the time I slowed down, and there were also a few warnings from my right knee on lap two. But the main issue was just that I couldn’t maintain that pace on lap three, feeling from sector one that I was just drained, and possibly like I wasn’t getting quite enough oxygen.
What’s somewhat more frustrating is that the time on sector one of lap three would have still given me a chance to stay under 48 minutes. But that’d have required gaining a total of a little over a second compared to what used to be my “safe” targets over this distance, the times I was sure to manage if there were no serious problems, from then on, and instead I lost almost 15 and a half. Did once again find myself thinking, after I got back, that I could have pushed harder, that maybe I had lost focus and “forgot” to really use all the energy I had left towards the end, especially after seeing that time on sector two of lap three and realizing I had no chance to stay under 48 minutes anymore, but it sure didn’t feel like there was anything more I could have done at the time. Then again, I didn’t feel that exhausted even on the way back, and by the time I got back here I was quite fine, so maybe there was something left after all, and what I forgot during that period when I couldn’t run through the park anymore was just how to tap into those reserves.

I’ll add here that my body decided to wake me by cleaning some plumbing again this morning, and did it at a particularly inopportune time, between dad getting back and him going to bed, so I had to wait and eventually put on my shorts to go to the bathroom to pee and clean up a bit more. But later it woke me again much more unpleasantly, with a cramp in my right calf, which calf hurts and feels particularly tense even now. The left one bothers me a bit as well, and I think I just managed to avoid a cramp there when I stretched after waking up again, but that’s less of an issue. But something like this after only ten kilometers, and with such a poor time as well, only serves to confirm yet again that something’s definitely not right…


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