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New Finds – XXXIV

I guess it’s time for another rushed post in this series, and I’ll again go with three bands from the same country that released new material within the past year. This time around the country in question is Sweden, and that’s because I’ll start with Vengeant, which I’ve been meaning to mention since March, when I happened to listen to their first song, Angel’s Battle Cry, and can finally do so now, seeing as they released a second one as well, The Unreal. So it’s not a matter of picking two songs, but simply of linking to the only two that are currently available, but that’s not an issue in the least. They do tend to start rather too angrily, and maybe maintain a bit too much of that sort of sound throughout the songs for my liking, but I guess that’s to be expected, considering the name, and the vocals shine, the choruses are great and overall they’re definitely a band to keep eyes, or ears, on.

The second band is Purple Nail, which for some reason doesn’t have a page on Metal Archives even though it’s been around for a long time and I’d say the genre shouldn’t be an issue. Either way, they uploaded a teaser stating that a new song is coming soon, but at the moment the only one uploaded within the past year is World in Flames, so that will have to be my first pick, while for the second I’ll go back to what I guess was another “age” for them. I could have made it easy for myself by selecting the only older song that they have an actual video for, but I decided not to and ended up wondering what to pick, because there are several songs I ended up liking and that one isn’t one of them. Left this decision for the end, after writing the rest of this post, and then found that I didn’t have time to go through them again, but could eventually get back to it and settled on Inverted Dreams. Either way, both the overall sound and the vocals were good back then and are good now as well, and now they also seem to want to send a message with their music, so they definitely deserve attention.

As for the third band, I’ll go with Erain. Their single recent song is Leaving for Elysium and I initially thought that this was their only release, but I just learned that they recently “resurrected” after a long hiatus… And also that the band was another one of Jessica Lehto‘s projects, and the reason why I mention this is that I included another one, Once There Was, in the second post in this series, back in 2008. Back to Erain, they now have a new vocalist and give the impression of wanting to break away from that past, but the few songs released back in 2013 are available not just on a different YouTube channel, but also on the band’s current ReverbNation one, so I listened to them and will go with Perdition as the second pick. This new song is much more professional and shows potential, but the old ones, while likely not relevant for the band anymore, aren’t bad either.


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