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Reading Again and Running After Rain

Saturday I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo and now I’m just shy of a third of the way through, on pace to finish it in less than three weeks, so I hope I’ll manage that and at least remain two books behind this year. I still believe I read it before, at my grandparents’, likely in my early teens, but maybe I didn’t. And, even if I did, I’m not sure how much I understood from it in that case and can’t say it seems familiar, and the fact that it would have been translated in Romanian then and in English now may also make it somewhat harder to make the connections after all this time, so it’s as if I’m reading it the first time anyway.

Sunday I finished that second sudoku magazine bought by dad, when he messed me up by doing it, so I should have bought that other one myself only now instead of back in June, and I’m in fact still to replace that old one with it on my desk… And then, Sunday night, I made those additions I was mentioning to my Games Played list.
Also, while I’m at games, I’ll add here that last night I got a third game, or in fact a third title, since it’s a pack of two games, for that giveaway I mentioned, along with Syberia II for myself, just because I happened to play the first and buying this one now resulted in completely draining the Paysafecard code I had, actually leaving 0.00 RON on it. And I actually plan to start it soon, maybe even next week, because it should be a game I’ll be able to finish relatively quickly, with a guide if needed, since I don’t exactly care for it anyway, and with it and Grim Fandango Remastered, which I should also finish eventually, relying more on the guide if it drags on too much otherwise, I’ll get to four this year, giving me a chance to get to that target of five, which would be pretty much impossible otherwise.

Getting back to the chronological order, Monday evening I had another fucked up “talk” with dad. I was in the kitchen and he came to comment on a news piece, I started to argue against his stance and, as he keeps doing, he was just talking over me, repeating his position and arguing against any few words I could get out, which obviously weren’t my actual argument, so I had to react to the apparent misunderstanding and couldn’t even try to get the argument out anymore. So I said that if he just talks, without listening, I’ll shut up, and he asked if I only talk when the other allows me to, saying that if you have arguments you must talk over the other and state them like that, otherwise it means you have no arguments. I said no and as he walked away he repeated that fucked up concept, then said that in this world it’s not like in school, raising your hand and waiting your turn to speak, again saying that if you have arguments you say them over the other, otherwise it means you have none. I didn’t say anything else after that, and the only other thing I’ll say about it now is… Just… Wow…

But the main purpose of this post is to write about this week’s run, which was Tuesday, after actually managing to sleep quite well, getting back to sleep quickly after the few times I woke up. Was awake when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, but only for a few minutes, not even checking the time by then. So I had the usual stuff plus almonds, and two of those old oat biscuits with honey as something sweet, and drank most of the tea, meaning to leave at 4 PM. However, even though the forecast said it won’t rain and there shouldn’t be too much wind either, it was overcast, I heard thunder and a little before 4 PM it did start raining, and also got really windy. The reported temperature was still 30-31°C, but I wouldn’t say it felt like it when I nevertheless went out, at 4:15 PM, wearing the full running gear minus the cap, thinking that the wind would have likely taken it off and it didn’t seem needed when it was so cloudy. It wasn’t raining anymore at that point, but when I got to the park it started again, so I waited under a tree for it to stop and eventually started running at 4:40 PM, just as the last drops were falling and the sky seemed to be starting to clear.
Before the conditions changed and I also ended up starting later than intended, I was wondering whether to only run 16 km again or go for another half marathon distance, but under those circumstances I put the idea of that half marathon distance out of my mind and the time for 16 km was 1:18:48, with sector times of 4:27, 5:13, 6:05, 4:32, 5:12, 6:02, 4:32, 5:11, 5:56, 4:34, 5:10, 6:03, 4:36, 5:14 and 6:01, making for lap times of 15:45, 15:46, 15:39, 15:47 and 15:51. Did start carefully, also because it was wet and rather slippery in some areas, but when I saw how that first lap was going, I thought I was looking at struggling to stay under 1:21 again, even 1:20 seeming again out of the question. However, with lap three offering the best conditions, its time made me realize I should be able to stay under 1:20, making covering each lap in less than 16 minutes the next goal, which I also achieved. Pushed really hard on lap four for that, and when I saw the time at the end of it I decided to aim to stay under 1:19, which I also managed, but lap five being the slowest was rather disappointing, even if not surprising after all that effort made on lap four. So I guess I should consider this time as acceptable, especially considering what I was fearing when I started, but it’s nevertheless disappointing to not get back under 1:18, especially when it’s quite clear that I lost that time on the first two laps, in large part because of the conditions.
Speaking of those first two laps, the path was really clear then, but some of the few people who were there still managed to make me need to go the long way around and even take to the grass a couple of times. Some more people appeared later, but it wasn’t at all crowded. And the rain didn’t start again either, so the path was drying a little and getting less slippery as I went along, and while it was rather sunny during much of lap two, it became mostly cloudy again after that, and I can’t say I felt the heat. Did feel the wind on laps four and five, however. There was some on lap one as well, but on sector two of lap four it really picked up and remained noticeable all the way to the end, sector two of lap five again being pretty bad, and I guess pushing against it as much as I had to made various muscles and joints complain as well. I can’t seem to clearly remember whether it was the calf or the thigh, but a muscle in my left leg was hurting a little from the beginning, and while that got down to the level of a very faint warning on that lap three when I could really push, from that sector two of lap four my right knee and calf and my left ankle started giving me some serious warnings, which in case of the right knee and calf turned into pretty sharp pain two minutes from the end. That knee was still hurting the next day, though it’s better now, but there’s still a strange feeling around my left ankle. But, to get back to the run, on sector two of lap five I also started feeling like I needed to take a shit, though I had done so quite fine before leaving, so that was another thing to manage to the end.


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