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Boxes of Books, Some MobyGames Submissions and Two Runs

The boxes of books sorted last week ended up in my room after I told dad I wanted to have another look through them, which look actually resulted in me picking one up to read. Satire, small and the original not being in English to say I won’t take a translation for that reason, so it seemed like something suitable to just go through while I dig through the rest and make my own lists to match with dad’s. And I just finished that earlier this evening, leaving him now to look through the differences and say whether some initially listed by him were set aside for some reason or simply misplaced and whether the fact that his initial lists don’t include some I do have here is because he wanted to keep them or it was simply a slip the first time.
Still, having six boxes of books in my room right now, and having dug through them to sort and make lists, does bring back memories of the time when me and Andra could barely make our way past all the books and boxes while managing that book club and getting the books into and out of the boxes was usually my job. Of course, that’s where any similarities end, and calling such mental links bittersweet may be painting them in too bright colors, but it is something, at least. Do wonder how long they’ll stay here though, since there seems to be little point in moving them again before we’ll actually get rid of them by donating if we’ll find a suitable place to donate to, maybe selling a few more, and recycling the rest.

Also somehow got myself to submit some more critic scores on MobyGames these days, since I’m failing all the small goals I did tentatively set for myself on there for this year. Since the top goal was at least 2000 critic scores, with a secondary one of at least 1000 points from all sources while counting less than 250 from electronic covers, then going through a few more until the last one was at least not getting less points than in any year since 2011, which would mean a minimum of 818 points from all sources, I’ll still fail all of them, seeing that I currently have 566 points and 387 of them are from electronic covers, but at least I’ll get a little bit closer to that last one I guess.

But it’s getting late and, while I keep having the feeling that I forgot something, I really should post this to at least have something here this week. Just want to add that I ran twice this week, Monday and today, when it was sunny and there was little wind, though the temperature wasn’t much above freezing. There were actually a few patches of ice to avoid on Monday, when water that ended up on the path around the lake had frozen, but today that wasn’t an issue anymore either, and I also was much better prepared to run with more clothes on me, knowing how to make sure the jacket tied around my waist won’t slip again and require me to untie it and tie it back on while running, taking gloves so I won’t have to keep trying to get my hands in my sleeves, and wearing the stopwatch over my clothes so I won’t have to dig it up from under them at the end of each sector. Also kept the hood off, as having it on made for an odd running position and something may have pressed a little against my neck as well on Monday, and did all of my tiny daily exercise routine before leaving as a way to warm up, while Monday I did one last part of it right there in the park before running, between some dried bushes. Do feel it was somewhat warmer today though, since I sweated a lot.
All of that translated in a huge difference in time, or more exactly in getting back to a normal time today, while Monday’s time was dreadful. Specifically, today it was 34:48, with sector times of 4:29, 5:16, 5:59, 4:38, 5:12, 6:05 and 3:09, making for lap times of 15:44 and 15:55. Monday, on the other hand, I only managed 36:46, with sector times of 4:51, 5:36, 6:22, 4:54, 5:37, 6:28 and 2:58, making for lap times of 16:49 and 16:59. Despite the good final sector, the rest was completely embarrassing, two minutes slower than a normal time and covering the two laps in exactly the amount of time that’s the record for completing this route, and also 11 seconds slower than the first clear time I have for two laps, though I was probably a little bit slower over that distance the two previous times I covered it on the way to ten kilometers. Even considering the conditions and the issues I had, that was just awful.


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