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The End of the Fourth GOG.com Community Giveaway… And the GOG.com Community…

It’s entirely understandable to no longer want to put all this effort into maintaining something intended to bring together and reward active members of a community that those in charge of the site it’s built around, or even of its parent corporation, seem set on destroying, on the forums that those same people seem set […]

Review: The Purring Quest

The Purring Quest is a niche game, aimed at a particular audience, the content, the “characters”, and the aesthetics mattering more than the actual gameplay, to the point that the primary genre could probably be said to be cute cat game and not platformer. And from that point of view it definitely delivers, with lovely […]

Review: Fantasy General

Kept meaning to play Fantasy General ever since grabbing it back in 2017, when it was given away for free, but the turn limit was scaring me away… Until I saw it listed in the “time travel” thread for 1996 on the GOG.com forums and decided to finally go for it after all, managing to […]

Review: Venetica

Got interested in Venetica since I read the review in the March 2010 issue of what was at the time the last remaining gaming magazine from here, which I had just bought because it came with Gothic 3… Which I’m actually yet to play. Back to Venetica, it was only in October of 2019 that […]

Review: Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker

With this expansion consisting of three entirely separate modules, I’ll review each of them separately, tackling them in turn here but also keeping the MobyGames review format in mind, to be able to relatively easily make the necessary changes and post there as well. One thing I need to make a note of, however, is […]