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Quick Review: Eschalon: Book I

While not something to write home about, as they say, Eschalon I is a pretty nice game that was, for the most part, quite enjoyable. Despite its limitations, the most obvious being that speed can only be doubled or halved, I’m somewhat fond of this type of turn-based gameplay, there was enough to explore and […]

Quick Review: Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

Finally, this expansion showed what could truly be done with the Neverwinter Nights engine and toolset. Good story, touching on many parts of the lore, varied events and locations, creativity… There were elements that even reminded me of Planescape: Torment, which must count for something. The henchmen are more developed as well, Aribeth quite obviously […]

GOG.com Ending the Fair Price Package Program Too

Can’t say that today’s announcement, stating that GOG.com will end its “Fair Price Package” program, through which they gave back, as store credit, the amount paid above the United States price by people from regions that had higher regional prices for games, was in any way unexpected. In fact it was very much expected, just […]

Review: Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Started Jotun in the first hours of 2019, thinking it’ll be a game I should be able to finish quickly enough, to get a good start of the year from this point of view, and that proved to be the case. That second Jotun, which is in fact the only one that attacks simply because […]

Review: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic is the last game in the “classic” part of the Age of Wonders series and intended as a direct sequel to The Wizard’s Throne. For the most part, anyone who played the previous game will immediately find it familiar, in both good and bad ways. However, there have been changes and additions, some […]