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Review: Driftmoon

Before anything else, I must stress the fact that this is a game made, with the exception of the music and most portraits, by two people. Granted, I have previously praised a game made, again with the exception of the music, by a single person, and that one is far more complex and quite simply […]

Review: Gone Home

This is a difficult one to review. Or maybe I should more exactly say it’s a difficult one to review as a game, because I find it rather hard to call it one, and in fact it is listed in the Notgames group on MobyGames, even though I don’t see it in the releases list […]

GOG.com: Now with Microtransactions and 30 Prices for One Game

Still not up to make much sense, but received a notification yesterday that the GOG.com User Agreement and Privacy Policy are being updated, with three changes being mentioned. One was expected, having to do with the introduction of GOG Wallet, but the other two mention more data sharing with their partners and purchasing virtual goods, […]

Review: Tropico 4: Collector’s Bundle

It doesn’t seem right to write a single review for the whole thing, but the DLCs do make additions that can be used throughout both the original campaign and the Modern Times one as well and only one of them is compatible with the Modern Times timeline, so it’d be difficult to find a proper […]

ShinyLoot Is Shutting Down

According to yesterday’s announcement, which was also sent by e-mail to users, ShinyLoot will be “going dormant” soon, the last date when purchases will be allowed being January 31, downloads and support remaining available until March 17. After that, they say they’ll maintain the rights to the domain and, if they will remain active at […]