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Monthly Archive February, 2018

Finally Finished the Sixth "Divine Empire" Scenario in Disciples

After first poking at it back in November, then dropping it and only picking it back up earlier this month, I finally finished the sixth of that series of “Divine Empire” scenarios in Disciples earlier this evening. Since I did so on turn 259, I was actually worried that something may happen when reaching turn […]

Forests and Kovesi – February 21 to 25 in Bucharest

Thursday evening, the Minister of Justice announced starting the procedure of removing Laura Codruta Kovesi, the chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), from office. As a result, there was first a quick reaction that I heard gathered around 1000 people in Victory Square that evening, some known activists and groups also promoting it […]

Quick Review: Good Omens

Another book picked up from the Library. Since the edition I got is British, from 1991, and has fewer pages than later British editions, I assume it doesn’t include what was added in the US edition, and probably also in later British editions. But I did see a part about Warlock there at the end […]

New Light Fixture

Started Good Omens Sunday and if I’ll manage to read some 30 more pages this evening, after posting this, I should just be able to finish it tomorrow, though I’m not sure I’ll manage to post the quick review then too. So I should get this post over with as fast as I can and […]

Carrying a Lot and a Bag Tearing as I Was Crossing a Road

The last thing I ordered was delivered yesterday, but I need dad to set it up and that’s not done yet, and may not be done tomorrow either, so I’ll get back to it later. Need to write this quickly anyway, but instead of getting right to it I just spent about an hour under […]