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Monthly Archive May, 2018

Seems Like It Was the UPS After All…

Seems like my fears about my UPS were proven true, at least if I believe those at the store I took it to yesterday. While the store I bought it from seems to have just ignored the message I sent them describing the issue and asking about being able to return the battery if the […]

After Bucharest Half Marathon 2018

For the first three days after taking part in the half marathon, I kept going out to buy a few things, Monday going to Auchan, where I also took the plastic bottles and one can which had gathered, though at first the recycling machine was open and there was no bin inside, so I thought […]

Before Bucharest Half Marathon 2018

The previous post just covered May 13 and the personal post before it was on May 4, so this starts with May 5, when I walked the route of the half marathon, which was quite different from those from the previous years. Since it no longer goes through this area, I took the metro to […]

Bucharest Half Marathon 2018

Leaving the evening and night for the post covering the previous days, which I’ll write some other time, I’ll start this with Sunday morning, at 6:45 PM, when I woke up, having actually managed to sleep until the alarm rang. Did wake up at one point to go to the bathroom, I think a little […]

Eurovision 2018 – II

Seems like I am managing to once again add what was missing from the previous post on Monday, so let me get right to it, starting with comments about the top five acts in the actual classification. The comments about the top ten in mine will follow right after them. See said previous post for […]