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Monthly Archive April, 2018

Planting Trees at Videle – II

A week after the first time, I went back to Videle to plant more trees, the same NGO organizing the event, this time in partnership with Auchan. In fact this had been the first scheduled event, initially supposed to take place on March 24 and rescheduled due to the weather, this causing some confusion at […]

Quick Review: MILA 2.0: Origins: The Fire

This is a strange choice, to add a preview of the first actual book in the series consisting of its first no less than seven chapters, out of 40, after a very short story. It makes it difficult to decide what to comment on, but I’ll go with the whole package just as it is […]

Quick Review: In Calabria

Read this translated in Romanian and extremely quickly, in about one hour, as part of a World Book Day event I took part in, so I very likely missed a fair number of details. But I can quite certainly say that the book lacks many details as well, being so awfully short, pretty much rushing […]

Planting Trees at Videle – I

Since I wrote about the night before in last Sunday’s post, I’ll start directly with the morning of April 14, when I rushed to eat, including making myself some salad, finish getting ready and go out the door. Didn’t even have time to take a shit or floss, as I only left around 6:55 AM […]

Went Out Every Day and Regained My Speed

Went out every day this week and today, since it’s after midnight, I’ll be going to the Botanical Garden, since the schedule is between 4 PM and 8 PM and it may be less physical work, and I may get away without using my boots, which I had to try to glue back now and […]