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Monthly Archive August, 2021

Finishing Fantasy General and Walking the Half Marathon’s Route

The previous personal post ended before another hospital visit, but I’ll obviously never catch up in this manner and the half marathon is approaching and Friday I walked the route, so I want to include that in this post. But, speaking of the half marathon, it’s a good thing it didn’t take place today, seeing […]

New Finds – XXXVIII

This will be a particularly rushed addition to this series, but while I still haven’t returned to checking any groups or other sources, and still doubt I will in the foreseeable future, so I still don’t have any actual new finds, I did at least get back to only including bands with recent releases. And […]

Another Partial Update, Stopping Before Another Hospital Visit

To again pick up from where I left off, on August 3 I saw 7:08 AM when I woke up to pee, so I had little sleep, but meant to go out early. The problem was that dad was still up after coming back from work, but I did what I could to get ready, […]

Wrong, Joe: Nation Building Is Exactly What the Mission in Afghanistan Should Have Been

With this blog basically being reduced to little more than a personal diary for years, I haven’t been posting about current events and no longer even really think of trying unless one provides too good of an opportunity to throw a quick non-personal post here and therefore free a “slot” for another personal one, and […]

New Finds – XXXVII

Though the situation mentioned in the previous post from this series hasn’t changed and I therefore don’t have any actual new finds, this just offers me an opportunity to go through the hundreds of bands that have been more or less forgotten on the list, and also once again check the situation of a few […]