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Monthly Archive July, 2021

Rosia Montana Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

After being postponed twice, the discussions about other sites stretching on, Rosia Montana‘s turn finally came yesterday and, after what seems to have been one of the easiest decisions of the current session, with no amendments or comments, it was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List! However, while it was one of the 13 sites […]

New Finds – XXXVI

Since the event I was relying on for a quick post today, or more exactly the part of it that I was interested in, was postponed, I guess it’s time for another really rushed addition to this series. I haven’t checked any group in quite some time, and now I’m even less likely to check […]

An Update to Get to Early July, to the Day at the Hospital

The day spent at the hospital was July 5, but in order to at least finally post something to cover the period between the previous somewhat more general personal post, which goes up to June 20, and that day I only really have to get to the end of June, as the only thing I […]

Quick Review: Shadowrun Returns Anthology

Read this not only without playing any of the games, but without any real knowledge of the Shadowrun universe in general, and what I can say after reading is that I’d rather keep it that way. Not that I wasn’t already leaning against even trying the games, despite getting them for free, just because I […]

Using Another One of Those Old Book Reviews for a July 12 Post…

After needing to do this three times in 2019, for personal posts written in June, October and, respectively, December of that year, I had managed to avoid needing to copy more of those old book reviews in order to create slots for personal posts and delay the moment when I’ll need to give up on […]