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Monthly Archive June, 2018

16 Kilometers in Under 1:17, Picking Fruit and Stupidly Messing Up Camera

To start with the bad, dad asked for the camera last week, I believe Thursday, and when he brought it back, Saturday, he said the screen wasn’t displaying anything when trying to take pictures anymore. That day had started a bit worryingly, with the UPS waking me up by clicking multiple times early in the […]

World Cup 2018: Many Goals and Many Late Goals So Far

There would be quite a few things to say about this World Cup, one of the most important having to do with VAR, but this will just be a quick post, so I can’t get into that. Will just say that something like this should have been implemented a long time ago and so far […]

Just About Three Runs Due to World Cup and Ember

It’s three weeks since my last “generic” personal post, so there would be a whole lot to cover, minus the stuff about the UPS. But you won’t find that in this post, because I pretty much intend to keep doing what I’ve been doing lately, which is watching the World Cup matches and in between […]

Constitutional Court, Kovesi, Rosia Montana, Halep, Firea – May 30 to June 13 in Bucharest

This will be a quick post, so let me start directly with May 30, when our Constitutional Court decided that our President can’t reject the Minister of Justice’s request to dismiss the Chief Prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) the way he did. That was quite unexpected, and certain to anger many activists and […]

About the "Talk About Suicide" and "Suicide Prevention" Bandwagon…

All these recent articles and posts about needing to talk about suicide or, worse, about “suicide prevention”, made me post an angry message on Facebook yesterday morning. Not anything I haven’t said many, many times before, but it seems it needs to be said time and time again, so let me just have another look […]