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Monthly Archive September, 2021

Planning to Run 35 Kilometers on September 27…

Seeing as, if I’m to follow the plan to prepare for the marathon, just in case it actually will take place, I need to do that long run this week, today seems to be my best chance. It’ll be windy and just now the risk of a few showers appeared in the evening, but tomorrow […]

Review: Fantasy General

Kept meaning to play Fantasy General ever since grabbing it back in 2017, when it was given away for free, but the turn limit was scaring me away… Until I saw it listed in the “time travel” thread for 1996 on the GOG.com forums and decided to finally go for it after all, managing to […]

Bucharest Back in the Red

Though it passed the threshold of three cases per one thousand people on Wednesday, it was only yesterday, meaning Friday, that a meeting was held to decide that Bucharest will enter the “red” scenario from midnight. And even that took many hours, since the desire was to postpone such a decision until Monday, obviously because […]

Rushing Out Instead of Spending the Day Writing

Should have spent the day writing, at least about what happened after being released from hospital, the plan being to run tomorrow, but now I see that the forecast changed and tomorrow evening it’s likely to rain, so I guess I’ll run Tuesday and decided to rush out today in order to also catch that […]

Quick Review: The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming

Though “reality” did even “better”, considering how recent and yet already outdated the data is, it does a good job of pointing out how bad things are and how much worse they’re going to get, explaining thoroughly, spelling out both the urgency and the complexity of the situation. It also stresses that the disaster is […]