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Monthly Archive November, 2018

Two Runs, Purchases, Finishing Book and Scenario

Last week’s run was Friday, the time being 48:16, with sector times of 4:17, 5:06, 5:53, 4:35, 5:11, 5:58, 4:28, 5:07, 5:52 and 1:49, making for lap times of 15:16, 15:44 and 15:27. Had set my alarm to 2 PM, but woke up around 1:45 PM, it was 1:54 PM when I got up and […]

Quick Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Refreshing willingness, even desire, to challenge and disturb, and nice writing style. Great start, and excellent point about sapiens having always been walking doomsday devices for the other species. Continues just as well, listing mistakes made through time, population growth negating any gains and creating more problems, loss in quality of life for most, the […]

Planting Trees at Videle Again and Fixing Tooth

Was saying I’ll try to go to bed early Friday evening, meaning to do so around 11 PM, but it was almost 11:10 PM when I finished shaving and brushing my teeth and set the alarm and I still meant to read a bit, so it was just after midnight when I actually got in […]

Just Catching Up Before Planting Trees at Videle Again

Tomorrow I’ll be going to plant trees again, and again at Videle, since I signed up for the event of the same group that organized the last two such events I took part in, back in spring, this actually seeming to be the only such event open to volunteers from Bucharest this autumn. So I’m […]

Colectiv and Certej – October 30 to November 12 in Bucharest

October 30 marked three years since the Colectiv club fire, and of course multiple events were once again announced, at least four, that I know of, being scheduled to start at 5 PM, while the one which I guess should be considered the more “official” one was set to start at 7 PM. Still, it […]