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Monthly Archive December, 2021

Quick Review: The Bard’s Tale

In terms of length, maybe all three novelizations put together would count as one book, so counting each of them as a book read again feels rather like cheating. However, while I haven’t played the game to be certain, as far as I know it’s limited in the expected ways by both the hardware capabilities […]

After the Marathon and Remaining Odds and Ends Before December’s First Run

With the first run I’m yet to write about having been on December 2, I’ll still leave the long walks to “pay” with PET bottles aside, and of course also the hospitalization, but use this post for the odds and ends from before that date that I’m yet to write about. That includes three days […]

Quick Review: Unde nu-i cap, vai de popoare (Where There’s No Head, Woe to the Peoples)

This is a collection of texts from the Starea Natiei (State of the Nation) show, and I rather added it to get free shipping for the other books ordered, though supporting a rather good show and maybe the only remaining Leftist TV show host around here was a nice bonus. The texts are from five […]

Using the UPS Again After 52 Days

Though it’s still under the desk instead of back in its place inside it, last evening I finally worked up the courage to plug the computer back into the UPS and test it, letting it run on battery for ten minutes, and then seeing that it charged back up at a normal rate. Seeing it […]

Quick Review: Asta a spus Seneca. Tu ce spui? (Seneca Said This. What Do You Say?)

Counting this as an actual book read feels even more like cheating than the one received when I volunteered in the same place last year, since it’s just a collection of quotes with an overly inflated page count, each page containing one to three quotes, at most four in a few very rare cases, even […]