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Monthly Archive October, 2018

Goodbye, Kepler. This Time for Good…

It was almost three and a half years ago that I was saying it was (probably) time to say goodbye to Kepler, yet while it was indeed the end of the primary mission, the team found a way to allow the spacecraft to continue gathering data starting the following year. It was a different kind […]

Referendum and Protests – October 7 and Before, October 15 and After in Bucharest

With the commemoration of the Colectiv club fire coming up, I really have to get around to writing something about the referendum and the infuriating but ultimately successful strategy of boycotting it. And while I’m at it, I’ll also add a quick note about a ruling about protests that also came earlier this month, which […]

Quick Review: Songs in the Year of the Cat

As I was also saying about the previous book in the series, definitely like the writing style, despite the fact that there are still some typos, the setting remains intriguing, battle scenes are even more thrilling, and by now the characters have really grown into their personalities, each with layers and facets and depth and […]

It’s Only Once That You Run Your First Marathon

Ran my first marathon over a week ago and I’m yet to write a post about it, so I definitely must fix that now. Meant to do so yesterday, but helped dad with some work in the kitchen and also started reading Songs in the Year of the Cat, so decided to just keep reading, […]

Wimbledon Puts Another Nail in the Coffin of Tennis as an Endurance Sport

A few months ago, I was, in a way, praising the Wimbledon tournament for still allowing long matches, especially since it was the only tournament to do so for doubles as well, and renewing my calls to ensure that final set tie-breaks won’t be added to any of the tournaments where they don’t yet exist, […]