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Monthly Archive February, 2019

A Political Event, Daydreams, Emsisoft License Extended for Free But Still No Solutions

Don’t have much to say about these past few days and I definitely won’t get myself to write a non-personal post, but I guess it’d be about time for a shorter personal one too, after so many very long ones, just thrown here to have a second one written this week. Trying to get it […]

Finally, Another Good Run, Despite the Crowded Park!

Yesterday was the obvious day to run this week, so I did, and can finally say that I regained my speed. Interestingly, the time was the exact same one I managed when I said this last year, but while the weather was also good, this time around the park was anything but clear, in fact […]

Back to Eschalon and Under 50 Minutes

Wednesday I got back to Eschalon, and I’m actually trying to push forward, since I know I gave up back in 2017 because I was too wary of doing so and don’t want to let myself get like that again, so I’d rather get back to it now instead of writing this, but I guess […]