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Dawn Goes Silent Right After Kepler… And Opportunity Remains So

According to the announcement, Dawn had already stopped being able to communicate due to having exhausted its fuel at the time I wrote the previous post, about the end of the Kepler mission, but I guess only the team knew that at the time, or perhaps not even them just yet. They were quick to […]

Goodbye, Kepler. This Time for Good…

It was almost three and a half years ago that I was saying it was (probably) time to say goodbye to Kepler, yet while it was indeed the end of the primary mission, the team found a way to allow the spacecraft to continue gathering data starting the following year. It was a different kind […]

Three and a Half Months of Silence, But at Least We See Opportunity Again

It is now over three and a half months since the last contact with Opportunity, but at least the dust storm has cleared enough to allow us to see her again, albeit as just a small dot that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone who wouldn’t know exactly what should be in just that spot. With […]

Conditions May Finally Improve for Opportunity

Was pointing out, a month and a half ago, that three weeks had passed since the last contact with Opportunity and that the more time that passes, the greater the risk that the next report will indicate a failure. Yet the storm continued, so the lack of contact did not, and still does not, indicate […]

Three Weeks of Silence for Opportunity Under the Martian Dust Storm

Things look bleak, both literally and figuratively, for Opportunity. Of course, they have been for quite some time, the planet-encircling dust storm obviously making the rover’s solar panels unable to generate enough power to keep it awake, but what I find increasingly concerning now is the lack of any additional updates specifically about it in […]